Giorgio locatelli\'s marghartia\'s chocolate cake recipe.(eggless)


1lb plain flour 6 tablespoons cocoa powder 2teaspoons baking powder 2 teaspooons bicarbonate of soda 10oz of caster sugar 4floz veg oil 0.5 pint water 2 tablespoons distilled white vinigar 2 teaspoons vanilla extract whipped cream to decorate

For topping 8oz icing sugar 1oz unsweetend chocolate powder 3oz butter 1 tablespoon golden syrup 4 tablespoons of milk

oven, gas mark 4 180c or 350f sift all dry ingredients in large bowl. comibine all wet ingredients in to the dry and beat until smooth. pour in to greased springform cake tin. bake for one hour. leave to cool.

Topping, sift icing sugar and chocolate powder together, gently heat the butter , syrup and milk together until butter melted. mix with dry ingredients, and beat until smooth. then when cool spread over cake .

top with whipped cream. [url=""][/url]

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