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gingerbread man

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Dd's teacher just emailed me and asked about safe products, candies, icing,etc. to make a gingerbread man.

I figure I'll offer to go in and bake with them again. Does anyone have a good recipe?

Ideas for decorating the gingerbread man would also be helpful. I know we can use icing and raisins. Any good candy to use? Dd is Pa and TNA.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

On Nov 28, 2006

How about Kissables for buttons?

On Nov 29, 2006

Thanks! The teacher emailed back. She'll use the Betty Crocker mix, so I don't need a recipe for school anymore.

I did bring in kissables for her to use, dots, and Vermont Nut Free Chocolate chips. Also I brought skippers and explained that m&ms are NOT O.K. and that she should show dd the bag so she would know that they are O.K. Dd won't touch m&ms. I also suggested Dole raisins.

They mentioned that they want to use licorice, but I don't know if I'm comfortable with that. I know I've read some negative things about licorice.

Any other ideas?

On Nov 29, 2006

Twizzlers is made by Hershey's and never has any peanut or nut warnings, so I feel comfortable with it. Their Pull & Peel variety separates into shoestring size, which is nice for decorating purposes.

On Nov 29, 2006

Thank you!