Giant brand Italian bread crumbs+ sesameseeds

Posted on: Sat, 01/15/2000 - 9:32am
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I just wanted to post that both sizes of their bread crumbs contain sesame seeds- only the small size lists this on ingred. label. I informed Giant and hopefully this will be corrected. My son is allergic to sesame seeds and this can be as serious a reaction as peanut. (Thankfully he hardly ate any of want I made with this.)

They seem very slow to reply to inquiry about there items.
Take Care,


Posted on: Sun, 01/16/2000 - 2:09am
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Hi Jan,
This note is for everyone;
Try to post all contact info for any company which you post (or e mail) to make it easier for others to contact, and also include sizes of product and any other info such as where distributed, where manufactured etc.
When posting contact info try include as much info as possible such as : 800 numbers (and other phone numbers) any web site addresses, as well as mailing address and company and manufacturing location etc.
Stay Safe,
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Posted on: Mon, 01/17/2000 - 1:33am
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How did you find out your son was allergic to seeds? is there a separate test for that or did he have a reaction to let you know?(I hope not). My doctor gave us the RAST only on eggs, cows milk, nuts (peanut only) wheat and soy, are there more varied tests??
Thanks for the info

Posted on: Mon, 01/17/2000 - 2:10am
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Anonymous (not verified)

We found out through CAP RAST testing. At first local allergist just had him tested for peanut- after skin test reaction re(large raised areas at skin prick site and sides back of his body to peanut)(age 6) Then a holistic doctor ordered broader range CAP RAST to include several foods and environmental- but she really didn't know (was cluesless) how to handle all my sons high CAP RASTS so I took him to a allergist who specializes with food allergies. We came in with listing of all foods anyone we know in the family tree had. Doctor recommended CAP RASTS for all of thoses and added tree nuts and sesame seeds. Our son at 7 1/2 was found to be allergic to all nuts, sesame seed(was highest doc had seen but it has come down in score from 20 to 12), eggs, shellfish, strawberries, peaches,and has since outgrown white potato, soy protein, oranges, and chicken by age 9.
The first time they did blood work on him he was so afraid that I wanted them to draw enough blood to test everything at once. We do retest yearly only the foods but not the environmental as I really can only do a limited amount to reduce environmental(so his high levels to those will not go down) He has many more environmental allergies than foods.
Last year we didn't get a score back on peaches as they didn't quite draw enough blood to test.
Hope this helps & Take Care,

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