Genetics and The Peanut Allergy


Does anyone know of a Peanut Allergic parent who has a non-allergic child?

I am a new mother, and I have the peanut allergy. My baby is only 9 months old and I am very careful with her babyfood diet, but I am so frightened that she will inherit my peanut allergy. No one I talk to even knows of any adults with this allergy, so no one can reassure me that there is a chance that my daughter won't have this.

I have noticed on these boards that there are some allergic parents with allergic children, but if anyone out there can give me hope, that maybe she won't have this allergy, I would appreciate it.

We will eventually test our daughter, but I am in no hurry to do it since a test would expose her for the first time to peanuts.

Thanks for any help you can give me. -- Elizabeth


On Mar 23, 1999


I'm an allergic parent (shellfish and bees). Here's how it's all been explained to me by both my allergist and my son's allergist. The propensity to develop an allergy is inherited, although the substance to which one is allergic is not. That means that your children MAY (not necessarily) be allergic to SOMETHING (not necessarily the same thing you are allergic to). Also, siblings may not be allergic to the same things (although I have been told that a sibling of a peanut allergic child is more likely to be peanut allergic). One of my children is peanut and egg allergic. My daughter has avoided the top five allergens during nursing and in her own diet, and now at age 2 1/2 she shows no sign of allergy. She'll be tested at age 3. You're fighting a gene here. Do everything in your power to try to help your child not develop food allergies (even if you do these things, your child may develop an allergy anyway). Don't eat peanuts or the other top allergens while you are breastfeeding. Stay away from foods with "natural flavor" unless you know what that is in each product. Wait until your child has reached "gut closure" age before introducing the highly allergenic foods into the diet (talk to your allergist about this). And, by the way, I do know adults with this allergy! Good luck!