Generic/ Store Brand Products


I've avoided all generic brands ever since dd was diagnosed 3 years ago, but was wondering if anyone uses them. The reason I ask is b/c dh just started a new job that is perfect in every way except less pay. I'm going to have to find new ways to save money (things were tight before) and I know this would make a significant difference, its just hard to walk away from all the research I've done and brands I know are safe. Any thoughts on this?

On Jan 16, 2008

I don't use all of them, but I noticed Walmart brand is well labeled. Anyone has experience with their food?

On Jan 16, 2008

Yeah, after doing a search that was the only store brand I could find any posts on and some people seem to trust them but I don't shop there for other reasons. :(

On Jan 17, 2008

We use some shoprite things... if I'm unsure about something I call when I am there... they don't grind up soy and put it in their mayonaise as a "natural flavor" like hellmann's does... and I when I have called they usually are pretty concerned about finding out allergens are in something(they have put me on hold and lookedthing up more) and they will find out what the "natural flavors" consist of. And they are pretty good about listing the allergens contained also and possible contamination. hope this helps.