General Mills and sanitized lines



The following paragraph came from a recent article in the Media section of the the Peanut Allergy Board. [url=""][/url]

***Trautman of General Mills said most of the company's production lines are devoted to one product. For lines that handle multiple products, employees sanitize the equipment between production runs. Workers assigned to the production of foods that contain allergens are required to stay in that area for the duration of their shifts. ****

I know some parents avoid Kraft because they do allergen washes instead of dedicated manufacturing lines, but it sounds like occassionally General Mills also does allergen washes (which was not my understanding).

It doesn't concern me because "allergen washes" are within our comfort zone (we buy Kraft products), but I thought this might be of interest to those who are not comfortable with "sanitized lines".


On Jul 30, 2004

We love Kraft, too

I don't really worry about stuff like that.

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