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Hello! I've been going to this site ever since I was diagnosed as PA/TNA, but today, I talked to a General Mills representative and I wanted to tell you guys, so I made an account. I was calling regarding the fact that the Cheerios that I purchased for the first time the other day contain wheat starch, but but do not say 'contains wheat' in an allergen statement. I'm not allergic to wheat, and there may be some reason for this that I don't know, but the fact that they didn't put that in the statement worried me since I've always heard that they are good with labeling. So when I called she wrote a report about that, and I also asked if they label for cross contamination, since I've never seen a 'may contain' warning on a general mills box. She put me on hold and then came back and told me that in June they had actually just begun labeling for 'may contain' and that those boxes most likely had not yet gotten to the shelves. This worries me in itself because I've seen the letters they've written to other members, saying that they label if it comes in contact with anything containing the top 8 allergens, and I've been eating their cereal for awhile. Just reminds us not to take anything for granted I suppose.

By BestAllergySites on Jul 20, 2009

Hello pixystix, welcome to and thank you for joining just to share that information. It is disturbing that there are different stories going around regarding labeling.

I think that this should warn us that even if you do call, you might not always get the right answer.

What to do? I recommend when in doubt don't eat it and support the companies that are making allergen free products in allergen free facilities!

Thanks again! Ruth