Concerned about PA son starting K in the fall

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I am a mom of a 5 yr old boy who is going to K this fall. K is all day (I had hoped he would go to half day-but that isn't an option). I am terrified of him eating lunch there. The school does what it can to protect the PA kids. There are no birthday or holiday treats anymore. Valentine's day on Monday will have no treats in my 1st grader's class. They have signs on the classroom doors indicating it is peanut-free- usually has to have a child with the allergy in the class.

They allow peanuts at lunch and the PA kids sit separately. I hate that there are even peanuts in the school at all. He has known of the allergy all his life and he is really good about asking an adult if something is safe to eat. I worry more about the other kids with their peanut fingers touching things my son will touch.

A mom friend of mine (also with a PA child) brought up her issue of safety on the bus. I never even thought of the bus and now I am feeling anxiety over how he is unprotected on the bus.

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Do the teachers bring his epi pen to the lunchroom with him? That is what I wish, than God forbid there is a reaction he is immediately treated.

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I do not know if the Epi-Pen will be in the lunchroom. I suspect it will stay in the nurse's office. I have to meet with the nurse and principal a week before school starts to discuss everything.

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I am a freshman in college who has had to deal with a severe peanut/tree nut allergy since I was three years old. It is extremely difficult, I will not lie to you. Schools are sometimes the most difficult to work with, however, if you are pushy enough you can make it work.
The teachers should carry an epipen with them. If your child has an allergic reaction in the classroom, it would not be smart to have him walk all the way down to the nurses office. If he does have to walk down to the nurses office, it is smart for him to have a special buddy to walk with him and help him out. When I was younger, I carried a purse with my epipen in it. He won't want to carry a purse but he should probably get used to carrying it around himself.
As far as the buses are concerned, he should have some sort of wet wipes in his backpack that he can use to wipe down his seat. I know that he is in kindergarten but he will have to become mature very quickly with a nut allergy. When you are not around, he is in charge of his life in a way. But you will have to trust him and trust others around you to take care of him, which will probably be the hardest part.
Good luck with everything! and remember, it may not be easy but it is not impossible.

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