Johhny Rockets diner

Posted on: Fri, 09/25/2009 - 2:38am
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Just wondering if anyone has a good or bad experience with this place. Their website is awesome at listing EVERY food and it's allergies and they describe how cautious they are. My son has a PNA.

Posted on: Sun, 09/27/2009 - 5:32am
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We haven't had either experience. I think the biggest lesson learned when eating out is to make sure you advocate for yourself. It doesn't matter how allergy friendly the restaurant is if you don't let them know about your allergies.
That being said, I'm always happy to hear when restaurants are great about listing ingredients. That means they are at least aware.
I'd give it a try-just make sure the wait staff knows about your son's peanut allergy and about cross contam.

Posted on: Sun, 09/27/2009 - 10:26pm
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Thank you. I called Johnny Rockets by our home and she was so reassuring and that they get at least one person a day with a peanunt allergy, so I feel they are knowledgable. I told her that the website looked like they were concerned but wanted to make sure the "waiters and cooks" were also, since anyone can be a waiter or cook. I think at some point we will try.

Posted on: Mon, 09/28/2009 - 12:31am
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Great! I'm so glad you got a good feeling. Just make sure that when you go there (and you know this) continue to advocate and mention the allergies you are dealing with.
This is for everyone-no matter how safe we think a place is-it's not safe if we don't disclose our allergies and what we need.

Posted on: Sun, 03/21/2010 - 12:51am
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I don't know if it's possible to search this far back, but I definitely remember an earlier thread about Johnny Rockets where someone had an acquaintance who worked at Johnny Rocket's (it might have been the one in Natick, MA), who said that peanut butter gets all over the food prep area there and that if she had peanut allergies, there's no way she would ever consider eating there.
Bear in mind, this was probably at least 4 or 5 years ago, and perhaps the chain's allergy awareness has improved. But I've never gone back to the restaurant to check.

Posted on: Sun, 03/21/2010 - 1:19am
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I seem to remember a thread also...more recently, though...someone went in and sat on a stool at the counter to watch before actually going there, and saw someone make a PB&J and then put that knife in the mayo container. That relly sticks in mind b/c we went there all the time with ds prior to PA- he loved the singing and danciing! We've been avoiding it ever since :(

Posted on: Tue, 04/27/2010 - 6:16am
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I'm bumping this up to see if anyone else has experience at Johnny Rockets. I have to say I do get nervous when they have actual PBJ on the menu. It seems inevitable that they get the PB on other things/hands/gloves/prep areas.
I'm going to do a search but I'm especially interested at the one at Logan Airport in Boston at the moment.

Posted on: Tue, 04/27/2010 - 11:30pm
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I do not know anything about the resturaunt you are speaking of but wanted to post our experience with an "allergy friendly " resturaunt. We read on an allergy site that RED ROBIN was very cautious and accomadating with food allergies, we had not been to eat out other thant McDonalds and Pizza Hut in 5 years so we thought we would try it. I first talked with the manager and he explained how my PA sons food would be ordered, watched over, and brought to table by a manager, it would also be in a yellow basket ( everyone else in red) to set it apart to everyone in kitchen as a food allergy, the first 2 times we were so happy and excited to feel "normal" and be able to eat out. They have a "food allergy" menu that they print while you are there so that it is up to date to the minute!! they also said that they do not use peanuts in the kitchen, but in case of manufacturing ect. that is why you only order off special menu. The last time we went we stated PA but regular waitress brought menu took order ( we were sureprised but ok with that) then when our sons food was broughgt it was NOT in yellow basket we reminded her of PA and she was like " well I have NEVER heard of a yellow basket!"....WHAT??!?!?! the whole reason we came there is because of how they advertise and cater to food allergies and now our waitress says shes NEVER aneven been told about the process!! we were shocked! after speaking to a manager we found out that she was just transferred from another resturaunt and they did not do that there, we still couldnt believe that since they advertise the food allergy safety that that was not at the top of the list for training her, they took his food back brought out new and apologized, BUT my son with PA also deals with anxiety and it ruined the whole experience, he was now nervouse and did not even feel like eating, I guess what I am saying is that I don't trust ANY resturaunt because there is new people in and out all the time some diligent some careless and you never know which one you will get.

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