Is McDonald’s oatmeal really worth its weight in oats?

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McDonald's has released its new oatmeal to attract customers seeking a healthy breakfast, and the fast food giant promotes it as a “bowl full of wholesome.” Should you buy into the wellness hype, or is it as-fake-as New York Times Magazine food critic Mark Bittman claims? Source for this article - McDonalds oatmeal - Healthy breakfast or marketing sham by MoneyBlogNewz

Oatmeal at McDonald’s isn’t wholesome or cheap

Oatmeal isn't unlike other merchandise at McDonald’s which knows how to sector goods making over $16.4 billion a year which is the Gross Domestic Product of Afghanistan. Bittman explains that McDonald’s oatmeal might seem healthy with the words used to describe things the restaurant has done for years saying it is less greasy than a Sausage McMuffin is.

Oatmeal is actually just sugar

For an example, Quaker Strawberries and Cream Instant Oatmeal could be used. It contains no strawberries or cream however a boatload of sugar and artificial flavors. The oatmeal at McDonald’s has “natural flavor” meaning just a tad bit while “cream” doesn’t mean anything with dairy product. This means McDonald’s is just the exact same. Sugar is a main ingredient because McDonald's oatmeal must be sweet enough to compete with rival Starbuck's “Perfect Oatmeal."

It also doesn't hurt McDonald's bottom line that it charges roughly $2.30 for the 9.2-ounce oatmeal cup. Much less is paid than that when making it yourself. You just have to get together oatmeal and some dried fruit.

Pay that for ease

The convenience of McDonald’s oatmeal is what many use to justify the purchase, although that does not really work. To get McDonald's oatmeal, you've to go there, wait in line, order, wait, pay and leave. In as much time, you can make instant oatmeal with fruit at home and have time for juice and the morning paper.

The oatmeal has 21 ingredients in it which are mostly chemical at McDonald’s. The business tries to make a healthy choice for customers though by allowing consumers to opt out of the cream and brown sugar in the FMO, or fruit and maple oatmeal. Leeway for minor customization doesn't change that. As Bittman suggests, it is all about getting McDonald's customers to come back for more.

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