New book out by parent of PA child: The History of Peanut Allergies

Posted on: Tue, 03/23/2010 - 2:34am
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I didn't know anyone who had a peanut allergy when I grew up. As a grandparent, I still don't. I don't hang around with grade school children or pre-schoolers. My three grandchildren don't have one... yet... But it is young children who are experiencing the "peanut allergy epidemic".

When I studied peanut allergies, I was simply curious about peanut allergies in the UK. I thought it was extremely weird and did a couple of Internet searches just out of curiosity. This author and parent of a peanut allergic child had the same curiosity but it was fueled by a more personal interest than mine was.

Heather Fraser is the mother of a peanut/tree nut allergic child and an historian trained in academic research.

"The History of the Peanut Allergy Epidemic pinpoints the precise moment of the allergy’s appearance and describes the perfect storm of social, medical, political and economic factors from which it has grown. My thesis, regarding the precipitating cause of the peanut allergy epidemic will challenge every parent."

I did an Internet search on the book's title. Her website is up and you can order the book from there. Get your copy... NOW!!!

Her twitter account was suspended....
The article on one website disappeared (you can read it in google's cache)
Her FACEBOOK link disappeared

I click on other webpages that are supposed to mention her book and there is NOTHING!!!

Do you think I am paranoid? Maybe so.

But when I looked at the link between vaccinations and peanuts and found a definite cause and effect, I was shaking. If every parent knew this and believed it, the vaccine industry would take a nosedive. Parents wouldn't be lining their children up at health clinics and doctors offices for regular vaccinations. People would be questioning the safety of vaccines and wanting answers.

The vaccine industry along with the medical industry that gives the vaccines is a MULTI-TRILLION dollar business. Her little book threatens that industry.

I don't care if you think she is nuts or that I am nuts, but for this parent's safety and to preserve free speech, please send emails to everyone you know and tell them about her book. Post on every website that you can. And do it quickly!

I don't know the lady. I haven't read her book. I will not profit from this in any way. But I think it is a HORRIBLE CRIME to cover up the link between peanut allergies and medicine. Your doctor has NO IDEA that peanut oil is in the vaccine he is injecting into your child! It's time he knew and it is up to YOU to tell him!

Posted on: Tue, 03/23/2010 - 9:58am
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I don't think that anyone should cover up valid links, but to be perfectly honest, a lot of people blame everything on vaccines these days. I would rather give my child the vaccinations then have them die from the the measles or whooping cough.... Children are also exposed to peanut in the womb, and through breastfeeding. No one knows exactly why there is such an epidemic yet.
That's not to say that there isn't always room for improvement in the vaccine department. Science should always pursue the safest way to vaccinate against disease. I don't like the scare tactics.... but you definitely have the right to express your opinion!

Posted on: Tue, 03/23/2010 - 10:39pm
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Well, with proof that there is peanut oil in the vaccines and proof that they use peanuts in the culture medium and historically there was no peanut allergy until 1920 and Israel which eats alot of peanuts has no peanut allergy but they do have serious sesame allergies and the Israeli children who get vaccinated in the UK get PA at the same rate as the other UK children...
The scare tactics are the ones used by the medical profession to get you to vaccinate your child against illnesses that are mild. 1 in 17 children now get PA that can be deadly. The odds of getting diptheria are nearly non-existant and many of those diseases decreased 80% before the vaccines were introduced.
The swine flu pandemic is the scare tactic. The peanut oil in the vaccines is real.

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