Forest duckweed Enliaoyisheng, not following up.

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"Yes." Zhang learned very satisfied nod.
Yang Fan is at this time the subject: "However, our class president knows the situation, there is a residue class. Not necessarily that they will listen to me ah? Again, these things do not need to ask you the meaning of Lin ? if Lin were reluctant to our class teacher, would not be self-defeating? "
"You say these are not a problem." Zhang learn with confidence and waved, said: "Lin there, do not worry, I do her work. The key issue is your class to vote! I did find you, This course is considered a matter of you with any matter between the teacher, you have built up in your class prestige! this matter should still be able to do. "
Damn, thought quite comprehensive! Not even this is taken into account?
See Yonfan again silent, Zhang science frowned and said: "Yang Fan, ah, what you and the teacher in this matter, I dealt with impartially, did not let you be a little difficult, right? You the timely I am a principal of help! can not let your class teacher on a vacant so, what do you want to see my teacher joke?
You know, this thing is because of your sky, and if your class teacher was suspended, how teachers look at my jokes, in fact, looking at your jokes! This you should understand. "
Shit, tube brother birds do? When are you afraid no one would dare seven to the High School teacher, He Yulan will see your joke. Shashi Hou brother became a Rope with you a grasshopper?
Would like to think so, however, learn to hear these words Zhang, Fan Yang Zhang immediately understand the situation facing the school at this time.
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He Yulan He really is excluded, otherwise, do not help He Yulan not speak. Moreover, it is not so fast approval He Yulan issued a notice to quit the class teacher.
He Yulan quit the class teacher to apply only to say the morning, then came out to inform the afternoon, which made clear that the exclusion He Yulan it!
However, He Yulan seven to quit High School teacher post, this problem has come up immediately. Seven to the famous High School school residue classes, the instructor, definitely do not want to when the class teacher. They would rather pay, benefits lower, do not want to manage this waste class.
It is human nature, not to mention, and if this teacher, this will certainly offend He Yulan colleagues. Aware of this internal struggle, and one can be seen He Yulan quit the post of class teacher, there is in the Zhang study demonstrations, or a pressure.
However, He Yulan think of is that the sheets into long school is bent to squeeze her out. She applied, Zhang learned immediately approved. He Yulan at this time would not know what to think?
Want to understand all of this, Yonfan immediately thought of another question, if they agreed Zhang school, helped him to seven to forest duckweed onto the High School teacher post, although the wages, benefits will increase, but let her offend any Magnolia! If she is afraid of offending people, seven to the High School teacher willing to better that, if she and other teachers like the idea, unwilling to the class teacher, would not harm her?
No, brother can not harm their primary school classmates!
Lin duckweed think on their own good,
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Yonfan immediately made a decision in their hearts.
Zhang can be learned at this time is look look look look at yourself, if your statement does not agree, is a trouble, can not offend the president is not? Moreover, the principal at this time that he is basically a ???????.
"Miss, I promise this thing also, however, have to see Lin's attitude." Yonfan looked Zhang study, said: "If the forest teacher agree, I can help you in this busy."
Zhang looked Yonfan learn frown, do not know why Yonfan say!
Way to learn to see Zhang, Fan Yang immediately added: "This is my bottom line in life, things other people do not want to, I will not insist on the."
"Well." Yang Fan Zhang learn to hear these words, happy, said: "We are meant to listen to Lin." With that, Zhang learn hands-free key press desk phone and called the forest duckweed the phone.
"Professor Chang?" Lin duckweed clear voice transmission over.
"Ah, my." Yang Fan Zhang looked into learning, into the phone said: "Lin, see the share of notice, right?"
"See, on what the teacher's share of it?" Lin duckweed hesitated asked.
"Yes, that share." Zhang learned immediately said: "Lin, seven to the new High School teacher for the selection of the problem, do you think the School Board's approach feasible?"
That old fox, say the words to turn eighty bend!
Zhang learned wordy Rory heard to say on the issue of not being,
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Fan Yang could not help think to myself.
"I think possible, seven to sophomore class has always been a problem, let them choose their own class teacher, a good idea." Forest duckweed on the phone there said.
Zhang smiled and looked Yonfan school, and asked: "Lin, you now are eight classes of the class teacher, and if this vote is that you, and you are willing to seven to a High School teacher post ah?"
"This, this is not right, right?" Lin duckweed hesitated and said: "How can a teacher and class teacher two things."
"Kobayashi teacher ah," Zhang learned for the call, the forest duckweed earnestness, said: "The school committee to make such a decision, make seven to choose their own sophomore class teacher, a change that you want to look like the previous seven to High School You look at what the teacher when the class teacher, High School seven to have what looks like a mess?
In addition to her class teacher of this class, the rest of the class, the absence rate is too high. Students are not school without classroom is skipped school. This final analysis, is what the teacher's dereliction of duty. Throughout High School, Eight on your good results, but the whole class learning environment is very strong.
So, this vote is if you can and I hope Lin about seven to the High School teacher. Although not a precedent, but to seven to High School, we can break the precedent. On treatment, Kobayashi teachers can rest assured that you will not ill-treated. "
"Miss, do not vote yet?" Zhang Lin duckweed learn to listen to these words just seven to the sophomore class teacher would def
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initely like himself, could not help but said: "that these too early, right?"
"Not earlier." Zhang learned immediately said: "the other teachers, I will greeting, that is, you are special, because you now are eight classes of the class teacher, so I just talk to you about, so you want psychological preparation. if voting results are you? right? "
"Ah." Forest duckweed Enliaoyisheng, not following up.
"Lin, you mean?" Zhang study and asked.
"If the president really wants to reverse about seven to sophomore status, but my vote, I will accept." Duckweed Lin said: "I also want to see High School seven to lift the results."

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