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general anxiety and peanut allergy?

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Good evening. I am new to this site and hopefully I can have some questions answered. My 7 yo daughter has a peanut allergy - she had an anaphylactic reaction when she was 3 after ingesting 2 reeses pieces. My son, has a legume allergy (has reacted to peas and beans) and tests positive to peanuts. We've been handling things very well, so far. Husband, son and I eat wowbutter or sun butter. I keep all "may contain peanuts" out of my house completely. The only thing I have in my cupboards that could potentially be a problem are some of my protein bars (but they are in a labeled/closed ziplock up high). They only contain tree nuts and my daughter and son have not tested positive to that.

Currently, my biggest concern is my daughter's anxiety around food situations. I'm starting to notice my daughter's anxiety level rise in situations where she is around food...we left a birthday party at cake time last week (because she was hot?!?!) and I had even brought a sweet treat for her. Today, she refused to eat the gold fish that I poured her because I was holding my unwrapped protein bar (that contained tree nuts NOT peanuts). I hadn't touched her goldfish or my bar...

Is this common? Yesterday, she wouldn't drink a water bottle because it was near raw meat (doubly wrapped) in my first I was so proud of her for being conscientious, but now I feel that she is teetering between being conscientious and being obsessive....

I'd love any and all advice and/or info. Thanks.

By shcro120 on Dec 9, 2012

I'm 17 and have a had a PA/TNA for a year this month. I'm horrible around foods, but am getting better. I think her anxiety is normal and prevalent because she's at the age where she knows the risk. I don't even allow my boyfriend of 4 years to eat ANYTHING nutty around me and if he does I immediately take a Benadryl and won't let him even breathe around me even though I'm not airborne sensitive to the allergen, I just won't take the risk I'd advise her to thoroughly read the ingredients on any food she eats, and foods she's never reacted too are safe. Make sure she knows she never has to eat any food she doesn't want to but that you and the family would never put anything that she would react to near her food.(my father still doesn't read labels before cooking/getting food, so obviously I am VERY careful about what I eat from him) I'm pretty sure the anxiety will go away with age and becoming more comfortable while realizing what she can do to prevent a reaction.

By irishman1988 on Dec 30, 2012

hi i was reading ur post and i noticed you saying tree nuts.. my doctor told me ma years ago wen i was young that a nut is a nut is a nut i hate that saying cos she always says it to me but all nuts are the same you wud wana watch out for coconut as well i have a slight tolorence to some peanuts but not all but coconut nearly killed me twice. get a prick test done at your doctors and get them to take blood and test it in a hospital then u no its not the blood the problem its what she smells or through pours in skin. i duno if ur in uk, usa or wherever healthcare is free in ireland so i got everything done and if u get everything checked it might calm her anxiety down a lil bit but see later in life it will affect her like all of us.. everywhere i go sum one has nuts coconut or sum shit and i suffer from panic attacks over it for last 3 years and im still not over it so i go nuts but just get everything checked out for safe keeping. ya most asian foods will have nuts and meditereanin foods will too it can some times be the cookin oils they use.. hope i was sum help to u

By cathlina on Dec 30, 2012

Tree nuts can be contaminated with peanuts so I would suggest you remove those from your home.

I am 59 years old with PA and I still get anxious in situations where I might come in contact with peanuts.

Since I stopped eating in restaurants, do not eat manufactured foods and make all my own food, my anxiety level is pretty low most of the time.

Your daughter is just learning!