Gelato in Italy?

Posted on: Fri, 03/26/2004 - 5:25pm
andromeda's picture
Joined: 01/24/2004 - 09:00

Any PA's out there with good or bad experiences with gelato in Italy?

I'm headed there in a few weeks, and newly PA; will the dreamy gelato be safe to try, or is it best to avoid? Ditto the espresso, and any other food advice you might have [img][/img].

(Of course, definitely looking forward to a good bit of wine-tasting!)


Posted on: Sat, 03/27/2004 - 7:44am
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Joined: 10/04/2001 - 09:00

Are you PA/TNA or just PA?
If you are TNA also, I'd say [b]definitely[/b] off limits as nut flavors are quite common. I don't know about the use of peanut in Italy; but it is also possible for peanut to be substituted for other nuts.
Probably pretty dodgy - I'm sure that's not what you wanted to hear. [img][/img]
Have a wonderful trip!

Posted on: Sun, 03/28/2004 - 3:27am
andromeda's picture
Joined: 01/24/2004 - 09:00

Thanks, Amy.
Fortunately I am not (yet) TNA, or I know I would definitely not dare to try any. With the PA "only" (!), I'm still not sure. I guess it will depend on the places I visit, and whether or not I get any encouraging responses from the people at the restaurant as I try to communicate my allergy - . whether they seem to understand or not. I have printed out the Italian card from the FAAN website, and know that will be very helpful.
Either way I'm definitely looking forward to a fun trip. Only three more weeks!!!!
Take care,

Posted on: Tue, 03/30/2004 - 4:53am
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Joined: 03/26/2002 - 09:00

Please let us know how you got on with your trip , we are going to italy this summer.
We have got the translation cards ready as well!!
looking forward to tasting the wine as well!

Posted on: Tue, 03/30/2004 - 11:21am
andromeda's picture
Joined: 01/24/2004 - 09:00

Hi Sarah,
Will do! I'm counting the days already!

Posted on: Thu, 06/24/2004 - 9:51am
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Joined: 06/15/2004 - 09:00

Ciao bellissime-
The good news is that Italians worship food and will likely be able to tell you whether or not they use arachide (s) arachidi (pl) at any stage of preparation. The good gelaterie make everything on site. I never saw a peanut flavor.
I would not give into temptation unless you have made it very clear that you are allergic and really need to know whether or not there are peanuts because cross-contamination would be almost impossible to avoid.
I would also recommend avoiding the "Bacio" flavor b/c it is hazelnut based.
Buon viaggio!

Posted on: Tue, 06/29/2004 - 11:07am
andromeda's picture
Joined: 01/24/2004 - 09:00

Thank you Matthew!
Though I've already been and returned, I will file your helpful info away for my next trip to Italy - whenever in the distant future that might be! [img][/img] I had an amazingly wonderful time, and steered clear of the gelato but was happy to see my mom enjoy it at every opportunity, LOL. I missed it no more than I miss any "treat" I can no longer have here in America due to my somewhat-new PA.
You seem to know a bit of Italian and the workings of a gelato stand - have you traveled there frequently? Any favorite out of the way spots???
Thanks again and welcome to,

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