GALLON SIZE PEANUT OIL in the grocery store


Just got home from grocery shopping at the "Jewel" - chain in the midwest & owned by Albertson's. I saw a GALLON of peanut oil on display - it seems it is a new product in the store. It was called "gourmet Italian cooking oil".

I got home & my sister said she saw an ad for "35LB of Re-Usabale Peanut Oil" on sale at the same store. I have never seen Peanut Oil on sale at the store, except for a small bottle in the Chinese food section, now it is being advertisied as a great oil to cook in. I can't believe I am now going to have to worry if we go to someone's house & wonder if they are cooking in peanut oil!!!!!

On Nov 9, 2000

I don't know where you live but here in New York I had been using peanut oil for cooking for many, many years before my children were born (okay, I am really old LOL) Its actually great for frying as it doesn't burn as easily, health wise its one of the best oils to use, next to cannola. Its also much cheaper than olive oil. All in all, unless you are allergic, if you are going to be using a cooking oil, peanut is the way to go. sorry you were upset but its good you are now aware of its existence and use, its really in lots of things and a lot of us here have been worried about that very same thing for some time.

On Nov 9, 2000

Thank goodness - another person on this board who cooks! I too have used peanut oil for years. I use a variety of oils canola, peanut, olive, etc. depending on what I'm making. As we've all found out the peanut protein is what is dangerous for our kids. The processing method for the oil can eliminate the protein. We only have to watch out for the type that does not expel the protein. As for watching what other people serve or bring to your kids - that is true of all products. You don't know what type of peanut oil they have used, or even if the utensils they used to cook with have been contaminated. Yes, just one more thing to worry about. You also might want to check out the Chuck E Cheese thread - it seems they use peanut oil in the pizza production at their stores/playgrounds, this oil is obviously the "bad" oil as many kids are reacting to it.

On Nov 9, 2000

I was at Sam's Club today and the first thing on display was a huge amount of gallon jugs of peanut oil. Right next to it was a turkey fryer. I know peanut oil is the oil of choice for those turkey fryers. It doesn't bother me to see it there but I see what you mean that maybe more people will start using it in their homes. I used to keep a small bottle for Asian cooking but not anymore.

On Nov 9, 2000

This "problem" seems to be more predominant in America where peanuts are a cash crop. In Canada, our cash crop that makes oil is canola so we have a lot of that on our shelves. Also, our oils are very clearly labeled and I have only found one brand in my local grocery store that said "may contain peanut oil". I do, however, remember 20 some years ago a friend who was considered a gourmet cook that used peanut oil exclusively. Also, I know that the new person posting from England, who has just been diagnosed PA, Nick, had to switch from peanut oil to olive oil. I've always liked olive oil except for when making my PA son's muffins for school, I prefer the lighter vegetable oil, probably either corn or canola. Best wishes! [img][/img]