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I was shopping today at my local Hannafords and suprise! There were Gaks Snacks staring right at me! I had never seen them in a store before, they had chocolate chip, oatmeal and brownie bites. They had a big sign that said "new product". I was very excited and had no one to share it with, ahh the simple pleasures of a mom of fa child!!! The only crazy thing was they were placed on a round two tiered display, they were on the top and the bottom part of the table was.....pecan pies!!! Crazy, right? or is it just me that finds it odd that a product for people that have food allergies are placed on the same table as pecan pies. They were in the bakery department and I brought it up to the woman who does the displays and she said "oh, well its on two different levels of the table.." and I went on to say what a great product it was and that people with allergies wouldn't even look at it because of where it was placed--with the pies, and because of the close proximity to the fresh pecan pies and she said "oh well thats where I put them" and turned her back and walked away.

Anyway- The point of my post was Gaks snacks in my Hannafords!! And my son loved them and he is picky!!

On Sep 18, 2007

I have never heard of these and looked them up online. $27 for ONE coffee cake? Alarmingly expensive. They really have us over a barrell. And you have to buy the cold pack too?

I'm sad, this looked promising. I'll have to keep doing my own baking.


On Sep 18, 2007

Peg -

I hear you on the price. On the other hand, given the labor intensiveness (ie peeling apples by hand), and cost of ingredients that are both organic and specialty (you wind up getting $$ for either category, let alone both), I think it is probably not representing a killer profit -- more like enough to stay in business as a family operation.

I do order the coffee cakes, sometimes instead of flowers (Mother's day -- because I hope I am worth it!), sometimes when we are expecting out of town company, and I have enough other stuff to do that I worry about having enough food for the troops, and sometimes when I just need a hug, so to speak (somebody else to carry the allergy load for me).

Jill does a beautiful job with both the products and the packaging - she is careful to the point that I (with possibly the world's tightest comfort zone) have mentioned to her that we are designating her as M's legal guardian, should anything happen to DH and me. And she thought I was kidding... [img][/img]

We are dealing with multiple allergies, and pretty much zero tolerance for cross-contamination, so my own cooking/baking get pretty complicated sometimes.

I guess Gak's is kind of my girls' night out, or Starbuck's habit, or getting a manicure or pedicure or something. I don't do those things (some I wouldn't, some I can't!), but I do "do" Gaks.

I truly do hear you on the price thing, though. I'd be tickled if they offered something like a loaf-pan version for about half the cost - I'm just not sure if the labor/packaging would allow for it, for now.


Gak's is probably my favorite allergy/specialty company of all, and I really hope they can stay around long enough to become bigger and (therefore) less expensive. [img][/img]


On Sep 18, 2007

Does anyone know what other stores carry these? Checked on their website and don't see a listing of stores. I would be willing to spend 27 dollars for a cake my kids can both eat! Especially if I don't have to bake it! Gaks seems to be the only allergy safe snack we can use (divvies all have soy) as we are avoiding pn/tn/soy/dairy/egg/sesame. I can't wait to try some. Thanks for posting!

On Sep 18, 2007


Originally posted by cookingqueen: [b]I was shopping today at my local Hannafords and suprise! [/b]

Which Hannaford's location?

I haven't seen them (I went to 3 Hannaford's in NH last night looking for Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips---they were out at all 3!). I could have skipped that and gone right for the Gaks Snacks already made [img][/img]

On Sep 19, 2007

I found the cookies - chocolate chip, brownies and oatmeal at the Hannafords in Kingston Massachusetts- quite a distance from you, I afraid. but if mine is selling them maybe asking at yours would get results?

by the way they were selling for 4.99 a box, which is less than she sells on her site and no shipping, so I personally felt like I had just stumbled on to the deal of the century!! But again- the little things in life that please a mom who has a child with food allergies!

On Oct 27, 2007

It's great to hear that your kids (and families) are enjoying our cookies. And we're glad you have been finding them at Hannaford (MA, NH, ME, VT, and upstate NY). Just to clarify, the boxed cookies are at most of the Hannaford Supermarkets and can be found in the bakery section, but they are such a new product there that not all the bakery managers have ordered them yet from their warehouse. If you don't see the cookies there, just ask, and they should be able to bring them in quickly for you. You can find the nearest Hannaford to you at: [url=""][/url]

Thanks for asking them to keep the boxes away from nut products! We, too, keep asking. If you would like your products kept off the shelf, most managers will accept a special order of a case of cookies (6 boxes of 1 flavor) to be kept in their case box for pickup. In the next supermarket chain (also east coast), our boxes will be with cookies on the health food grocery shelf. The advantage of bakery, though, is that is where people most commonly go when looking for treats for a group. We hope that when they notice the "," they will think of our kids being at the event too, and will be happy for a way to include them.

With regard to other stores, we have started to distribute our cookies to some health food and other stores in a number of states (mostly east coast for now). Customer requests are definately an important part of stores' decisions to try a new product, so feel free to request our cookies at your favorate store! We cannot yet offer our cakes to stores though - we are only able to produce a few of these totally hand-made cakes in a day. We, too, wish we could get the time and cost of producing them down to make them more easily affordable - great idea to consider a smaller version!

As always, we welcome your feedback. Thanks for your support.


On Oct 27, 2007

I am a fan of Gak's too. I like to do my own baking, but for me it is worth the peace of mind to get safe ingredients from Gaks. Then I can bake cookies or cakes or whatever and know it is safe. Cindy

On Oct 28, 2007

I ordered a box of the individually wrapped cookies last Monday, had them by Wednesday. Ds was beside himself. And they included three individually wrapped cookies, one of each flavor, wrapped in a Halloween bag as an extra, which I thought was very nice.

Peg, I agree these are pricey - the cookies I ordered are big, individually wrapped cookies, and with shipping they probably cost about $2 each. But it is impossible to get something like this, individually wrapped, anywhere else - I wanted them for his safe snack box at school, and as someone pointed out, Divvies use soy flour (which IMO is ridiculous for an company catering to the FA customer - it's not like that is an essential ingredient). Finding Gaks cookies was a godsend - I'm past the point of sending in cupcakes when there is a class birthday, and these cookies are [i]really[/i] delicious, so I feel like ds won't feel too badly if he gets to have an alternative treat he really enjoys. So for something special, I feel the price is worth it.