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Hello everyone, I will be travelling with our eleven year old over seas in two weeks. I have booked through British Airways and seem satisfied with their peanut policy. I just wanted to ask if anyone knows any specifics re: peanut dust particle size so I may determine if the 3M 6700 full face respirator mask will filter out in case of an inhalation exposure during the flight? (My son has mild asthma and has reacted to peanut "scent " before at a younger age.) Keep Safe!

On Dec 1, 2004

We fly international a ot as we are expats. Our son is now 10 years old and afetr a reaction on a Qantas flight due to airborne particles now wears a face mask only when the nuts are being served and eaten. We have not had any allergic reactions since implementing this routine. Best of luck.

On Dec 7, 2004

I've used that 3M mask and it filters out synthetic fragrances pretty well, but I have no idea what the molecule size is for aerosolized peanut particles (the "smell" of peanuts, that is).

I used to use the respirator mask to go shopping. Now, I just shop online and forget about stinky stores.


On Dec 8, 2004

Hi. Where do you get these masks? Thanks, Suzanne

On Dec 8, 2004

There are a few asthma & allergy product companies that can probably be found if you do a google search. I saw some kids masks in one a while ago but don't recall the name of the company. No time to look right now, but will post if I find it. I am sure you will find something though if you do a search in [url="http://www.google.com"]www.google.com[/url] and use allergy face mask or allergy products as key word.

On Dec 11, 2004

THANKS for all the posts. We'll be leaving this Monday. I'm hoping he will not need to use the face mask. I have purchased the 3M 6700 full face respirator mask at a local health and safety (industrial supply) store. The only filter that I could find was the organic dust filter P100- abit more dense than the N95 medical mask. I have no idea if this will protect him if there is peanut dust in the air but my personal "research" indicates it might work. The only problem I can forsee is if the seal around the face isn't as tight as it could be if alot of peanut dust circulates in the air during the flight.The flights with Britsh Airways SEEM to be at my comfort level.( son has been peanut allergic for more than ten years now.) I will post when we return next year. Happy Holidays everyone!

On Dec 13, 2004

I have been smell sensitive as well. I had good results using the N-95 respirator medical mask during airline flights. Your doctor may be able to give you one or two. I needed it only on the leg where they served cake with nuts on top.

On Dec 14, 2004

BA have hepra filters in the plane. ( the sort that are used in vacuam cleaners to remove dustmites) If you can get a peanut free flight surely you wouldnt need a mask? just curious!