Fuddrucker Shakes PA


The Fuddruckers in Alexandria, VA is now offering Reese's shakes and the manager says all shakes are mixed on the same mixers. About a month ago, Fudd's had a sign promoting the new shake but it wasn't listed on the menu. Yesterday we went and it isn't listed on the menu, there is no sign, but the cashier says they still offer them. I believe these restaurants are franchises so don't know what other Fudd's are doing. Good luck!!

On Dec 27, 2005

Txnatheart--from a Texan at heart and at sole, since my feet are here, I have avoided Fuddruckers for a while now because of peanut oil. It's not that we've avoided it entirely, but we have some friends who when they take DS out (these are good friends who are grandparent types to DS who are trained to use the Epi--they actually took him to the circus once!!!) and we've told them to avoid the Fuddruckers by their house because there were too many issues there with the oil.

It's very, very good to know there's another reason not to go there.

On Dec 29, 2005

We used to have one by us, but it has closed. We went once before my pa dd was born, and I remember there were peanut shells all over the floor. They were served at the tables.