frying with peanut oil

Posted on: Mon, 03/31/2008 - 12:39pm
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My son has a severe peanut allergy. Last night we went to Sullivan's Steakhouse for happy hour burgers and fries/chips. We have been several times in the past and have always asked if they use peanut oil and every time with the exception of last night we were told no. Well they do use peanut oil mix and have been using it for some time. The odd thing is my son has eaten the fries and potato chips fried in the peanut oil mix and has never had a reaction. We are very confused. What do you think?

Posted on: Mon, 03/31/2008 - 11:55pm
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most "experts" on the subject will tell you that there is no reason to fear peanut oil. Generally oil is so highly processed that that allergenic part (the protein) is no longer present in the oil--and that is probably why your son didn't react. Some might also think the high temperature of cooking with the oil would have something to do with it. I think FAAN is somewhat infamous for having a statement about the safety of peanut oil.
So, a lot of people don't worry about oils at all. Except there is a little problem. Sometimes people *do* react to oils. In some cases, "fancy" oils, such as those that are "cold-pressed" would be the culprit--since these aren't as highly processed the chances are greater that the protein hasn't been destroyed. This lends to confusion about oils, and makes some people feel that "better safe than sorry" is the way to go about oils because it gets confusing to our kids and the people around us that in this case it's ok, and in that case it isn't.
I myself tend to be extremely careful about using any cold-pressed oil (even if the oil itself isn't one of my daughter's allergens, I worry about cross-contamination with other oils in the factory), don't use even highly processed peanut oil, and make rare exceptions with oils made from my daughter's other allergens (she is also allergic to sunflower, but it is a somewhat milder allergy as far as we can tell, so I allow some products that use it, or else basically wouldn't have any pre-made products she could use!)
Good luck sorting it all out!

Posted on: Tue, 04/01/2008 - 10:41am
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I agree.. although they may have used pure peanut oil ( refined) I would never take the chance. It is expensive and they may mix refined and cold pressed to save $$ It is not worth the risk so we don't use any peanut oil... period.


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