Frustrated... What should I do?


I have just returned from a shopping trip to our local Bomgaars Supply Store with my 4 year old daughter. I have known about my daughter's peanut allergy since she was a year old. After walking into the store and following my daughter halfway to a toy isle, I looked on the floor and couldn't believe what I saw. It looked like the entire store floor was scattered with empty peanut shells. I grabbed Abby and put her in my shopping cart and brushed off the bottoms of her shoes. I was shocked. I picked her up and carried her out to the store.

I am so frustrated and angry. I live in a small town and haven't found another family that has a child with a peanut allergy. I have even contacted the school that Abby will be attending and was told by the school that Abby will be the first child to come in with a peanut allergy.

I want to call the store and tell them how I feel and that I will not be coming back, but what difference will that make. It seems that most people just do not get how serious a peanut allergy is.

Please, any advice anyone can give me would be appreciated.

Thanks for letting me vent.


On Jan 6, 2003

Hi Tricia, Definitely call or write to the store. It will not only make you feel better, but it will help educate them. Even though you have not found anybody in your area, yet, with the rise in peanut allergies, there certainly will be more.

Maybe your allergist or pediatrician can help you find other parents of food allergic kids in your area.

Andrea I know how scary and surprising it is upon realizing that you and your child are in that unsafe situation and seemingly making an escape. Have a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and put your feet up for a while.

On Jan 6, 2003

By all means phone the store and speak with the manager. Explain exactly how these shells are serious safety hazard for all children with PA. Just because you have never met someone else with a PA child doesn't mean that they are not in your town.

In Canada now, most large grocery chains no longer display peanuts in open bins. They are sold in sealed bags. This is only because parents made these companies aware of the danger and the high number of children with this allergy. If nobody had ever complained, the companies would have no idea about this issue or the numbers behind it.

On Jan 6, 2003

Thank you so much for your fast replies and you are both right. I needed to call and I did. I spoke to a manager, who sounded like he was in high school, and told him my concern. I told him how serious a peanut allergy is and asked what could be done about my concerns. Unfortunately his response was not what I wanted. He told me the store was having what he called a "Peanut Week". I asked him if he would have his employees sweep up the store and he didn't think that was reasonable since people where going to eat peanuts all week. I then asked him to post a sign on the main entrance to let people know about the peanut concern I had. He said he would do that. I will check the door later today to see if there is a sign up to warn people who have an allergy to peanuts.

I feel better knowing I called and hope the store respects my concerns. I will keep you post.



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On Jan 6, 2003

I read in "The Peanut Allergy Answer Book" that an airborne reaction is more likely from peanut shells than from sitting near someone eating a food with peanuts. I remember someone I met at a birthday party a few years ago telling me her pa child was fine sitting next to the sibling eating pbj, but the same child had a reaction from going into a restaurant with peanut shells on the floor. I really think the store manager needs to know this the unnecessary risk he is causing.

On Jan 6, 2003

Hi I live in a small town also and we are the first at our school, 300 children K-6gr so I know how you feel. I this the only store to shop at? My son has reacted to the shells before. If they let them lay around for a week people stepping on them speading peanut protein everywhere. It get airborne and floats all over everything in the store so, if they only sweep the floor that does you no good. Everything need to be wiped down for it to be safe. You could go in there get it on you and take it home to your house, please be very careful. Maybe a local newspaper or TV will help you get our point acrossed. Let us know how you do. Kim