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hello to all, i just found this web site and i could not be happier!! let me tell you a little about my self and my son who has the pa. first is should start out by saying i am the worst speller in the world, so please dont laugh at my spelling!@!!!!! my son john was diagnosed with a severe pa this past july, when i gave him and his older sister a pbj sandwich for a morning snack a few miniutes later his eyes and face were swolen and covered with hives! I could not beleive what i was seeing, i gave him benadryl and called his allergy doctor and got him tested. i dont know about the diffrent levels the other people on this site talk about but we have to carry around an eppi pen and benadryl with us at all times. this allergey has thrown me for a loop. johnny has other allergys but nothing this severe. so we carefully read all lables and avoid every place we can think of that he may come in contact with the dreded peanut! but just this week a good friend of mine tried to feed him a snack that she made and i said to her does that contain peanuts ( out of habbit ya know) and she said yes it does, a snached him away and asked her to please put the snack away, explaining to her (again) that john is very allergic and he cant be around the nut. and about an hour later she offered him another snack (cashew chews from india) and i once again said does that contain peanuts and she said , oh proably ... UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

and just this past sunday we were a another friends sons party and the bakery box for the cupcakes said (of coarse) may contain peanuts,,, we couldn't let him have the cake and he threw a fit ( he is 2 1/2) and every one was looking at us like "why are you parents being such jerks to your son, let the kid have some cake for god's sake." i felt like crying right along with my son. we left shortly after. i put him down for a nap and went on line and found this message center. i dont feel so alone any more. well thats it. thanks for taking the time to read this and i hope you didnt laugh to hard at my spelling! erin

On Feb 28, 2006

Hi Erin, I just found this site a week ago and it's great. My ds was dx with pa 8 months ago. He's 18 months and breaks my heart when we are at a party and he can't have cake or ice cream. I've decided I will have to make sure I bring cake and ice cream for him when we go to BD parties and such so he doesn't feel left out. I think for our children it will be come part of their life but we want our children to be happy and have the best life has to offer so it heartbreaking to think they will have to deal with this on a daily basis.

Take care Gail DD 3 1/2 no allergies DS 18 mon PA

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On Feb 28, 2006

Hello and Welcome!

Unfortunately you already know and will also meet new people who will never understand this issue as well as we do. They don't live with it and can not appreciate how serious it is. Their lives have different priorities.

You are your child's best advocate. Never assume, always plan ahead, and never feel bad if you find you need to either not attend or leave an event in order to keep your child safe.

For me one investment that has made my planning ahead easier is that we purchased a full size freezer and put it in our basement. I have cupcakes, cookies (homemade and bagged in ziplock freezer bags - ready to take on the next playdate and share with friends), pancakes, waffles, popscicles, etc... frozen and ready to go. If we have a cake my kiddo really likes, I freeze a slice. Her desert is ready for the next birthday party she goes to.

You have come to a good place for gathering information.

------------------ Keep Smiling DD - allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, and egg