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Oh, it's so frustrating.... Up to now we could buy Maltesers and Skittles here in Austria and knew they were safe... But now they've changed the country where from they import these sweets... Skittles now come from Csech und Maltesers from Holland.... The only remaining Sweets for my son and little daughter are: KitKat Chunky (it's the only safe chocolate from Nestle here in Austria, even Smarties are NOT safe) und the stuff from a German Company called Ruebezahl Koch. AND my son has now developed an allergy to the polls in honey, he's having diarrhoa... So again more sweets are now forbidden for him... It's so frustrating for us here in Austria.... Several weeks ago I had to start baking my bread by myself as he began to react on these things also (we have many nut-things in bakeries).

I've now cancelled all plans ever to go to work again........

Oh Sh***!!!!!!

Sorry for this all, but......


On Sep 4, 2002

Irene, I totally understand your frustration! It is so disturbing to have something safe one day and not the next, sometimes I could sit down and cry! But I am so thankful that there is this board because I don't think anyone not dealing with PA could understand! So that's a big "I hear ya sister!!!!" Take care!! [img][/img] kcmom

On Sep 4, 2002

I grabbed two boxes of instanst brown rice at the store for quick meals. So today I needed a quick meal at noon, chicken stir fry. Well, Minute Rice is made by Kraft so dd threw a fit and had a sandwich. I can understand her fear but if she would just talk to me instead of pitching a hissy fit. I bake my own bread, I should make my own crackers too. On days that it gets me down, I remind myself that my kids are eating better than not pa kids!


On Sep 7, 2002

Thank you, KCMom and Connie......

If I start to think whatever rice (...) might be unsafe I should give my children no more to eat... When I ask a company here whether their products are safe or not I always gett the answers that nothing is safe..... Today we had our first reaction for the time before Chrismas.... In our shop where we normally go shopping they began to sell peanuts.... My 4year old touched one package (I could not get to him as qick as necessary, I didn't know that they already had this stuff!), I shouted at him and he let it be. About one hour later he began to cough severly and the skin around his mouth became red..... I gave him Zyrtec immidiately (his antihistamine) and 10 minutes later it was almost over... This was a slight reaction........ Should I go alone shopping? But what then? I have nobody to look for the children, my parents still have no sensitivity for this allergy, they still have nuts at home (my son is multiallergic) and do not care at all...... He's just simulating :-( Instead of getting better it gets worse...



On Sep 7, 2002

Irene - since hallowe'en is coming up, our stores are full of "multi-packs", and I know the multi-pack treber allan "treat size gummie bears, swedish berries " are safe. If you email me, we can swap mailing addresses - and I'll send you a couple of bags that you can stockpile for when your kids deserve a treat. Cheers, Karen

On Sep 9, 2002

Hi Karen!

Thank you for your offering, but we live in Europe, I think this would be too complicated... As I have some British friends (here in Austia AND in London, and they travel a lot though many continents, also the USA) I think I will try to ask them to bring sometimes safe sweets with them to Austria....

Maybe this can be a chance for us......

The bigger problem for us is that nuts are everywhere in these days before chrismas: peanut, everywhere in the shops, and the people do not care at all. They take a package, then decide not to take it and place it at some other place in the shop, and the things there are contaminated. But I have no chance to go shopping without my children.... So we need our daily Zyrtec at the moment.... Not to have some sweets has become the smaller problem....

Thank you again!!