Fruity Turkey

Posted on: Wed, 11/26/2003 - 2:32pm
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essential ingredients:


one pineapple

one bunch baby bannanas (bunch about 15 and two rows deep)

one kiwi

small pear

red and green seedless grapes

kale, romaine or other curley greenery

baby carrots


toothpicks and wooden skewers



small oval disposable aluminum baking dish


arrange greens with curly side out and stems in, in the pan (decorative to hide pan)

lop top off of pineapple
place pineapple longways in pan (body)

use skewers to attach pear, to top of unlopped end of pineapple, stem side forward. (head)

slice kiwi in half lengthwise on skinny side, not flat side. attach to front of unlopped end of pineapple (gobbler sacs)

arrange 2 sets of 3 baby carrots fanning out under front of same end. (feet)

using about 3 skewers (cut if necessary) attach spray of baby bannanas (to not take apart) to lopped end of pineapple (try to cover lopped part). (tail feathers)

take a piece of celery and cut a little horse shoe shaped slice about 1/4 inch thick and place above stem of pear, round side up. (top of nose)

thread raspberies onto stem (careful not to break off) (red thingie hanging off turkey chin)

take one small radish. cut in half width wise. trim ends off to leave a white spot in the middle of the red skin. (fresh radishes work best) attach to each side of pear. (eyes)

peel orange. separate into sections. arrange sections on side of pineapple (about three sections, varying sizes, to resemble wings. (wings)

Spread grapes (green and red) around lettuce.

Makes a nice centerpiece on table. Not for eating. Be careful of toothpicks and skewers.

Next month: gnomes.

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