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frozen pizzas

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My Granddaughter has severe peanut and tree nut allergy. I'm looking for a safe frozen pizza when I don't have time to make my own.

By Katethegreat on Jun 21, 2014

Digiorno has always been safe for me. I am also allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.

By LSUTigger on Jun 24, 2014

You can make a French bread pizza using Pepperidge Farm French bread - toast it then add all of the other toppings like you would a regular pizza. Our local mom and pop pizza place is going to start selling pizza dough soon and it is safe for our PN TN child. Maybe check around and ask local pizza places if they sell the dough or maybe their ingredients are safe. We eat Jesters pizza and PAppa Johns in a pinch but PAppa Johns just started serving choc chop cookies. I have read where some locations cook the cookie (with a "May contain" label ) on the same pan as their pizzas but ours does not.

By kwilli on Jun 24, 2014

Thank you for the helpful comments.

By smilingmomto3 on Jun 26, 2014

My peanut and tree nut allergic daughter does great with Trader Joe's Organic 4-cheese frozen pizzas. Not sure if you have one in your town.

By LSUTigger on Jun 27, 2014

I read the other day you can make mini pizzas with bagels and English muffins.