frozen pizza


I did a search on this topic and could not find anything....any frozen pizza that is safe? thanks,

On Jan 27, 2008

We live in Massachusetts. Have used Shaw's brand from the frozen food section and the unfrozen one for 8 years w/o a problem. Also, Ellios by McCain in the frozen section.

On Jan 27, 2008

we use Heinz bagel bites, totinos pizza rolls, Digiorno by kraft. also for making at home we either use the pillsbury pizza crust or mama marys pizza crust. havent bought frozen pizza in a while because of the frozen pizza pepperoni recall a while back.

On Jan 30, 2008

I just bought Bagel bits 3 said you have used this in the past? Just wondering what you thought and if the kids liked it? Of course I get nervous when trying something new :) Thanks!

On Jan 30, 2008

i get nervous too. dont overcook them, they get rock hard!!

On Jan 31, 2008

My PA son eats Shure Fine brand individual frozen pizzas at least once a week with no problem. We have a list of other peanut free foods that he eats on his [url=""]blog site[/url].

On Feb 7, 2008

California Pizza Kitchen pizzas are "processed on" for PN only.