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I flew Frontier this month (late Sept. 2005). The only food served were two types of chips - both Fritolay - neither were 'may contains' or manufactured on'. I asked the flight attendant if the snacks were intentionally peanut-free? She said, 'oh yes! A lot of people are allergic to peanuts'!

I don't know if they still offer PB & J sandwiches on the kid's menu on longer flights, but Frontier seemed PA aware. Unlike America West...but that's another story.

On Oct 2, 2005

Adele, thanks for the info, every bit helps. Did you speak to the airlines before you made your reservations? Peg

On Oct 2, 2005

Hi Peg, How is your ds doing in Scotland? Hope he's having a fabulous time.

I don't ask the airlines in advance. I know I'm living dangerously but it is a calculated risk.

On this last trip (just returned) I flew Frontier and America West. As I reported, Frontier was great....but not because they knew I'm PA. If I were to ask America West not to serve peanuts, they'd tell me not to fly with them. Their main hub is Phoenix - and as I live in Arizona, America West offers the most flight options for me.

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On Oct 3, 2005

Last time I flew Song (Delta's cheapie airline, which btw is a nice airline if you don't have PA) they did sell Pb&J sandwiches on the plane.