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Our family just returned from our vacation. We flew Frontier Airlines 4 legs of the trip. They were awesome about our dd's peanut/tree nut allergy. At the beginning of each flight they made an announcement that there was a highly allergic child with pn/tn allergies flying today and could everyone please refrain from eating these items while on the plane. They also let us board first so we could wipe down the area she would be sitting. They were so nice and understanding about it. We've decided this will be the airline we continue to use as long as they are flying where ever we're going! As a note-they do not serve nuts but do serve a may contain (granola bar) on some flights, although none that we were on. We had Doritos. Suzanne

On May 4, 2005

Thanks for this info on Frontier!

Are you the same person as member "Idspud"?

Anyone else have any recent Frontier experiences to add?

Thx, EB

On May 13, 2005

I'm encouraged by your success but everyone should be aware that they offer a PBJ as a kid's meal on flights. FYI.

On May 15, 2005

They did not serve, nor offer pb&j sandwiches on any of our flights. That includes short flights and long flights. We were even told that they do not serve pb&j. Maybe it has changed since in the last couple months, although their website mentions nothing about serving pb&j. Hope they haven't changed!

On May 17, 2005

I called today as I'd like to fly with them but they said they do still offer the PBJ. I wrote a letter in April requesting that they change and offer other kid friendly options. Adreinne Karr from Customer Relations called me back and said she would pass along the info to their catering dept. However, I don't know how far that will get. The more we send letters the better things will get. I'm still not sure how safe it is... trying to decide if I should fly with them or NorthWest???