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Has anyone had a bad or good experience with Frontier Air? We will be flying from Spokane to Orlando in January and am a little concerned because we have never flown this airline or know anyone who has. Unfortunately we are flying Alaska Air on the return flight home and they refuse to not serve peanuts to everyone on the flight but the row in front of us and behind us. They won't give me an answer as to why they can't serve safe snacks to everyone on the plane except to say that this is their policy! I tried to change my tickets but it comes at a cost of about $1000 for our family of 6. AAARGH! Anyways if you can offer me any suggestions I would so appreciate it. Thank you Suzanne Mom to Kerri allergic to PN/TN, shrimp and peas

On May 4, 2005

Am wondering how your experience with Frontier went?

Since Frontier seems to be expanding into some more areas, more of us might fly them if they were good as to the food allergies!

Thanks for any info you can provide.


On May 13, 2005

Again, a warning that Frontier does serve a PBJ kid's meal. I sent a letter to customer service with suggestions of alternative kid friendly choices.They actually called me back and said they would pass the info along to their catering department. More letters would probaly help. Customer service address is on their web site. We are always stronger in numbers! Fly safe...