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Posted on: Sat, 01/05/2008 - 11:38pm
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Hi I just found this site. We discovered two days ago that my 21 month old daughter is allergic to peanuts. She ate part of a large chocolate peanut butter cup and an hour later had itchy, red puffy eyes and started vomiting. We now have 2 Epipens, a number for an allergist, a great deal of fear and a whole lot of reading ahead of us. I've read some of the threads on this site. Great stuff and great resource. Thanks for the info that you've already provided and I hope in the future when I know more, I can be a help in return.

Posted on: Sun, 01/06/2008 - 9:34am
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Hi ! Welcome (m)
I am sorry that you have a child with a food allergy. My DS is allergic to peanuts too. ( outgrew milk and egg). The allergy IS managable but there is a lot to learn. Try not to read too much all at once it will overwhelm you. The best thing I can say is read labels. I do not give me son any products that say : may contain or made onthe same equipment. It just isn't worth the risk. I do not have an peanuts in my home and do not let my DS eat any baked good that I have not made for him.
He is inthe 1st grade and is doing well.

Posted on: Sun, 01/06/2008 - 1:32pm
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your signature line is funny
site cookies...hahha.enjoyed that one

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Hi and welcome,
I have a 5 yo with Peanut and treenut allergies, we found out about his allergy 2 1/2 years ago. I agree with the poster above on no nuts in our house no bakery items with the exception for us is big name sandwich bread. No may contains etc. I also avoid Ice cream places and call ahead to restaurants when eating out to make sure they will have something safe for him. It is a ton to learn and a big adjustment but it does get easier in some ways. I really liked Dr Sicherers book understanding and manageing your childs food allergies.

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