Frito-Lay? Anyone have problems with their snacks?

Posted on: Mon, 04/30/2001 - 1:34am
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Anonymous (not verified)

pWe eat the baked Tostitos and all it has in their ingredients are corn and salt. Being new at this, I called the company about cross contamination issue and labeling. I was told that if it contained it it would read "may contain" etc. I looked at many of their labels the last time I went to the supermarket, and did not find one that said "may contain". The girl seemed young and like she was reading from a script. Anyway, just wanted your thoughts and experiences. Thanks. I guess in light of the Kelloggs issue, I just am finding a hard time with a "comfort level."/p

Posted on: Mon, 04/30/2001 - 4:18am
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Hi, we eat Frito Lay products all the time(of course I always check the label first) and have had no problems. I should add that my son (at this time at least) does not have a reaction to "airborne" so my comfort level is also okay w/Kelloggs products.

Posted on: Mon, 04/30/2001 - 8:42am
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Anonymous (not verified)

momtonickie, we have never had a problem with Frito Lay products. They were one of the companies that I had to contact because the chips that are provided on pizza day at my son's school are Frito Lay's. I did not ask about dedicated lines, etc., but did feel that I had received a good enough answer for myself.
I have read elsewhere on this board, however, that some people have had problems with their products. I can't remember which threads now exactly, but I do know that some people have had some concerns. I, however, to-date, have not.
Hope this helps.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Mon, 04/30/2001 - 10:07pm
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We eat Frito-Lay products too. I feel more comfortable with the simple products like regular potato chips and plain Fritos, but once in a while will treat the kids to Doritos and my son has never had a problem with them either. However, watch out for the Lay's Homestyle potato chip line because of peanut oil. I called the company (about 4 months ago), and they indicated that the Homestyle line was made in a separate facility so there wasn't a risk of cross-contamination.

Posted on: Tue, 05/01/2001 - 7:36am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Mom2Nickie,
My son has not had any problems with Frito Lay products. He loves BBQ and plain Fritos and he loves Doritos.
Stay Safe.

Posted on: Tue, 05/01/2001 - 11:54pm
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When I talked to Frito Lay/Hostess (in Canada) last fall I was informed that their peanut containing products were manufactured in a completely seperate plant and therefore unless their was a may contain label on the product there wasn't even a chance of cross contamination. We have eaten a variety of their products since then (including Doritos) without any problem.
Happy Munching!!

Posted on: Mon, 05/28/2001 - 1:16pm
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My son eats Doritos and Lay's chips all the time. Beware of Cheeto's crunchy! They contain peanut oil!

Posted on: Mon, 05/28/2001 - 11:46pm
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Cartersmom -
I buy Cheeto's crunchy all the time and read the label all the time and peanut oil is never on the ingredients list. Are you sure you mean Frito-Lay Cheeto's?

Posted on: Tue, 05/29/2001 - 11:15am
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Anonymous (not verified)

when I called Frito a several months ago, they said that they do not make anything with peanut products. We eat fritos and regular Lays potatoe chips on occasion, and tostitoes a lot. Haven't had any problems.

Posted on: Wed, 05/30/2001 - 4:48am
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I read the cheeto's crunch label all the time to and have never seen peanut oil. My 21 month old loves these.

Posted on: Wed, 05/30/2001 - 6:48am
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I am sure that the Cheetos Crunchy in my area (Ohio) contain peanut oil. Maybe it varies according to the plant they are made in. I just checked a bag that my Grandmother was serving at a family picnic on Mother's day and there was peanut oil in them. The Cheetos which are not crunchy do not have peanut oil, however.



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