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Posted on: Tue, 07/23/2002 - 7:22am
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pHi. Just wondering if anyone has had any positive or negative experiences with Friendly's Restaurants. I know that the ice cream portion is totally off limits for my 3 yr old. PA DD but was wondering about the food. We are going to Mystic CT. for the weekend and I know there is a Friendly's there and haven't eaten at one since her PA was diagnosed 4th of July 2001. I think i will also call the Mystic Friendlys before we leave and ask them questions about the oil they use, etc. Any input anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. I am experiencing such anxiety about going away for a few days - I just want to cover as many bases as I possibly can. Thanks!br /

Posted on: Wed, 07/24/2002 - 12:08am
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Did you do a search on Friendly's to see other people's responses?
Honestly, that would be my last restaurant choice because of PA. However, our Friendly's restaurants are always packed with people (tourist area), hectic, and the food and ice cream areas are close together, busy, and loaded with teenage workers who most likely have no clue about a peanut (or food) allergy in general. We never go to McDonald's or Friendly's, but given the choice if there were no others, I would even choose McDonald's over Friendly's.
If you do plan on going, perhaps you could go during off-peak times or when they just open. Maybe you could call the restaurant manager now to help you plan for your visit.

Posted on: Wed, 07/24/2002 - 3:54am
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Believe it or not they have some allergy awareness. We were invited to a b-day party and Rebecca had the soft serve. There is an oreo sundae on the kids menu and I mentioned she was peanut allergic. They said they would mark it down and there is some attention to it in the kitchen. Now, mind you, it we do not have sprinkles or the scooped ice cream.
Again, I believe a comfort level issue. We swore off Friendly's for a while but now go on occasion.

Posted on: Wed, 07/24/2002 - 2:10pm
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My PA son had the hotdog w/macaroni and cheese kid's meal and was fine. I have never seen a peanut-contaminated hotdog or macaroni and cheese, so we felt OK with this choice. However, I have a HUGE comfort zone, so perhaps it might not be a good choice for you. Good luck in your decison.

Posted on: Thu, 07/25/2002 - 4:42am
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Another restaurant we ate at during our recent USA vacation was at a Perkin's in Stroudsburg PA. We were there twice and had pancakes each time. They were very good and no nut oils/nuts were used so they were safe.
However, I wouldn't eat the desserts as they do make desserts with peanuts in their bakery on-site.

Posted on: Thu, 07/25/2002 - 1:55pm
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THanks to everyone for your input and advice! I appreciate that you took the time to help me out!

Posted on: Fri, 07/26/2002 - 11:20am
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Wow, Erik.
I just had a good laugh because I know exactly where you ate. Prior to PA, we used to eat there all the time. However, I would never go there now. I guess I know too many Stroudsburg people (or should I say don't know them anymore because the town sure has changed in the past 20 years!--too much growth) to know Perkins is not on my list. Last Christmas when I spoke to one of the teenagers "on duty" at the bakery (without my son of course), I asked what kind of nuts were used in the bakery--specifically peanuts. He said, "Uh, I don't know...I don't think so..." Hmmm... I asked to speak to the manager and sure enough, "...yes, we do use peanuts in the bakery..." I just felt the bakery was too close to the kitchen area.
Well, I'm just saying I won't take my son there because he still acts weird and I don't want to take the chance with him. However, once he's older he'll have to learn how to take these chances by asking smart questions of the right people.
On the other hand, I thought the manager was very helpful and he seemed able to answer all my questions intelligently. Perhaps if my son were older and didn't act like a dork at inappropriate times (acting sick when he's not), we would talk with the manager and find out the best time to eat there and voice our concerns and plans for a safe eating experience.
I am very happy you had positive experience! That is good news.
Oh, just don't go to Friendly's here.
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