Friendly's 80 oz. Ice Cream Cake


I am considering getting a Friendly's Ice Cream Cake for my severe peanut and tree nut allergic child. I emailed the company and was told this: "The cakes as they are manufactured in our creamery do not contain nuts. However, any decorations added by our restaurants or in a home setting may contain nuts or peanuts." Has anyone served this to their peanut or tree nut allergic child? Any reactions? Thanks! Have a great weekend everyone!

By jtm on Sep 12, 2013

We use for our son Breyer's all natural vanilla most times we buy the Lactose free. They run a very clean line and I feel pretty safe with them. He has eaten Breyer's since he was two years old and he is now nine and we have never had a problem.

By trishdeja on Sep 11, 2013

Response on Breyer's use...Doesn't Breyers make several nut flavored ice creams? We have always stayed away from the store-bought due to possibility of cross contamination at manufacturer.

By jtm on Sep 11, 2013

I would be very reluctant to get something like an ice cream cake from friendly's you are risking your child's birthday. I have made my own ice cream cake and it has gone over wonderfully and you can rest at ease that it has not been contaminated. You need to stay away for anything that has to do with sprinkles and chocolate that you are not sure is peanut free. I use Breyers All Natural vanilla ice cream leave it sit on the counter and melt a little, I make Enjoy life choc chip cookies and crunch them up and lay them all over the bottom of a 9x12 pan, then add ice cream. Sometimes I add another layer of choc. chip cookies or I do a layer of melted enjoy life choc bars to give it that hard choc layer. You can continue with whatever layers your child likes. Each layer put in the freezer for about 20 min so it gets a little hard. At whole foods grocery store they just started selling peanut free sprinkles. They are great to add. Hope this helps, I always air on the cautious side never want to spend a holiday or special occasion in the emergency room. tjm

By survivingfood on Sep 12, 2013

look up water mellon cakes on line/such a great alternative to cakes. no added sugar and much healthier for kids. kids love it and you don't have to bake, just a quick arts and crafts project :) you put it in the frig and its nice and cold. agree with other comments, too much risk of cross contamination with the other option.

By jtm on Sep 12, 2013

The label on the packaging has got to say peanut free/tree nut or otherwise they are not held liable for anything. They cover themselves with there labeling. So be very careful. Why risk it...

By InfoMom23 on Sep 12, 2013

Thank you to all who responded. I spoke again with the Brand Engagement Coordinator and she said the following: "We do manufacture all of our products on the same lines; however, after a product with an allergen such as peanuts or tree nuts is produced, the lines are stopped, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and then there is a verification and validation process to check for the specific protein." I would assume that they are careful as not to have a lawsuit. Would your opinions still be the same with the above information. Thanks for your input!