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Posted on: Fri, 04/13/2001 - 11:15am
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pJust wanted to share a good dining experience we just had! We went to "Fresh Choice" it is a soup salad bar (all you can eat) restaurant. The manager was very knowledgeable and was able to off the top of his head tell us what was and wasn't safe for Axel(PA TNA) to eat. the only thing that wasn't was a chinese chicken salad which had peanuts. they are very careful to not mix that salad around the other ones and do to the fact that the salads that were around it he wouldn't of eaten anyway I felt very safe with him eating there. Both kids ate until they were about to pop!/p

Posted on: Sun, 04/22/2001 - 2:52pm
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I have always had good luck at Fresh Choice, but there are dry roasted sesame seeds there sometimes (usually a "processed in same facilty or manufacturing line with peanuts" item). Also peanuts at the dessert area.
The featured salads/dishes change every few months, they have featured several salads with almonds or walnuts in the past. Also, there was a peanut dressing once on something other than chinese chicken salad. A weird root vegatable salad that vanished never to return after a trial run...I have been a customer there way before my PA child was born. The entree type items have increased over time (pasta, etc.) while salads have become more straightforward.
The original founders were very concerned about healthy foods and good working atmosphere, giving extra support to food bank, etc. The business outgrew them and they brought in professionals and went public several years ago. It is still a good place, but way more "corprate" in outlook. Not all the help are as knowledgable as the manager you met.

Posted on: Mon, 04/23/2001 - 3:35am
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We do eat at Fresh Choice frequently. My six year old PA, TNA and sesame seed allergic (should I say SSA?!) daughter really loves going there. We have never had a problem, but like CVB, I have noticed tree nuts on different salads. Also, don't they have pesto on some of the pizza? I also think I've seen nuts in some of the muffins. This is one of those situations where I honestly wonder if we're taking a chance. But, since she's been eating there for so long without incident, I am hoping we will continue to have safe experiences by being careful with what we choose. Miriam

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