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freezing icing

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Has anyone perfected a technique for freezing cupcakes to grab when needed. I made some this weekend and froze them without frosting them. If I feeze small individual containers of frosting will it retain it's normal texture?

By jenniferbfab on Aug 16, 2009

I haven't had any problems with freezing frosted cupcakes for about a month at a time. When I freeze frosting separately, I usually have to thin it a little. Still, it's a great convenience!

Enjoy, Jennifer B www.foodallergybuzz.com

By BestAllergySites on Aug 16, 2009

Think "ice cream cake" yum! It has frozen frosting on it.

I too have frozen frosted cupcakes, though honestly prefer fresh baked if possible.

I actually freeze mine either on a tray and then wrap to avoid any sticking OR I freeze them in individual cup a cake holders that you can purchase online.

The type of frosting used might make a difference. Home made might not freeze as well store bought canisters due to the consistency.

By Michaels Mom on Aug 17, 2009

Thank you both for your replies..I was just thinking an investment in a cupcake holder was in order...I know I've seen them somewhere. Was it Gosseberry Patch? Thanks Again!

By BestAllergySites on Aug 17, 2009

FYI-if you save the upcs on your cherrybrook kitchen mix you can get free stuff...one of the items is a cup a cake holder.



By jenniferbfab on Aug 17, 2009

That is exactly what I was going to recommend--the cup a cake holders. They are perfect for bringing a "safe" cupcake to school or parties!

Jennifer B www.foodallergybuzz.com