free 'no nuts for me, I'm allergic' T shirts if you live near me


hi all, I have two white (size 5/6) and two pink (size 6) T shirts that have this logo big and bold lettering on the front.

My daughter wore the white ones when she was 2,3,4,5 years old. It was just big on her at first. She is now 7 and they are too small.

The pink ones, probably when she ws 4,5 years old.

I had joined a gym and used to make her wear them whenever she was in the care of the child care center there.

Also, begining of preschool and kindergarten to make SURE the teachers and staff remembered !!

I am in Monroe OH, right off of I-75. I am about 1 minute from the new outlet mall there, also close to West Chester.

I am not going to mail these, I thought if someone lived near, they could pick up or meet me and I would be happy to pass these on to another worried Mom :)

please e mail me to : if you are interested.

Thank you, Edie Savannah's mom