Freaks and Geeks peanut episode (long)

Posted on: Wed, 01/10/2001 - 3:57pm
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The "peanut episode" was on again last night.
I never had seen it before. It was about
Bill, the tall geeky guy with glasses. He
started talking in class about his many
allergies and said that if he ate a peanut
he could die. Well, at lunch he leaves his
table, and his sandwich, to go talk to
someone. Meanwhile a bully runs over and
puts some peanut pieces inside his sandwich.
Bill comes back with his friends and starts
eating. He makes a funny face and says
something is different; that his sandwich
tastes crunchy and peanutty. He asks his
friends if they put peanuts in his sandwich.
All the while he is still chewing and I am
yelling, "Spit it out Bill! Spit it out!!"
The bully yells over asking him if he is
going to die. Next thing you know they are
wheeling Bill out in hurry on a stretcher
with an oxygen mask. He is in critical
condition. His mother says that the last
time Bill had a peanut he was in a coma for
2 days (is that possible?). The rest of
the show is with everyone worrying and the
bully coming in to apologize. He apologizes
while Bill is unconscience and says how
sorry he is and please don't die, he didn't
know that Bill had been telling the truth
about dying from a peanut. Later, when Bill
awakens, the kid comes in again and says
that Bill is some kind of whimp to almost die
from a peanut. Bills mom says to her friend
that maybe Bill wouldn't have allergies if
she had taken care of herself better. The
friend trys to comfort her by saying that
back then they didn't know enough about
proper nutrition. Bills mother says she is
not talking about food but about drinking
and drugs. Bill recovers and everything is
fine. It's nice to see movies that deal
with peanut allergy but it's a shame that
they can't get the info more accurate.
Such as, our children are not whimps or
weaklings because they have a peanut allergy.
We (mothers) did not do drugs or drink to
cause this in our kids. Bill should have
spit the peanuts out right away. Bill
should have been given an epi pen at school.
Has anyone ever heard of going into a coma
for 2 days from a peanut (could happen I
guess.....I never heard of that)? All in
all, it was a fairly good episode but I am
one for liking accuaracy when it comes to
stuff like this so people don't get the
wrong ideas. Does anyone else have any
thoughts about that particular show?

Posted on: Wed, 01/10/2001 - 8:24pm
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ihatepeanuts,From my experience with Christopher Yes it is true that he could go into a coma. This is exactly what my doctor had told us when we were at the emergency room.The truth is I never asked any questions about this because I was so thankful that it didn't happen. However that night I can remember the nurces and doctors telling us we were lucky he wasn't in one. I will let you know what I find out when I go for my sons well baby check up. He doesn't have the allergy "as far as I know" But i will ask anyway. Take care Claire

Posted on: Wed, 01/10/2001 - 9:10pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

Thanks IHatePeanuts for the synopsis of the show. I have not seen it but have heard about it. I have a different opinion about the show.
I can understand what you are saying about the episode. I mean, it gives much needed publicity to the allergy. I admit I did not see the episode but it really burns me about the 'drinking and drugs' line. Matter of fact, the 'proper nutrition' line burns me too. I was in the best shape of my life (wait, that may not say too about 'I was in great shape') when I was pregnant with Lauren. I do not drink, did not take drugs (prescription or 'recreational') or smoke. I have enough guilt over this, as any parent would over their child being born with any health problems, wondering if there was something I could have done to prevent it and it really doesn't help when they are telling (maybe 'implying' is a better word) the world it is my fault. I don't think a show like this is going to encourage support of families with PA children. I do think, as I'm sure you'll agree, that a well produced realistic episode could have. I'm almost at the point where I would say this show was a disservice.
Just my opinion :-) Any comments?

Posted on: Wed, 01/10/2001 - 11:45pm
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Yes, indeed, Andrea - I would like to know what's up with the "drinking and drugs" inference? Can you imagine the general public thinking we "caused" the PA by being completely irresponsible? I didn't see the episode, but I hope the "theory" that Bill's guilt-ridden mother had was firmly dismissed.
I agree, Ihatepeanuts, that accuracy is extremely important, but it IS TV - how many ER episodes have real nurses cringing? How many "lawyer" shows have been portraying lawyers inaccurately? BUT, how many people realize there are "mistakes" in the show, and how WOULD they know?
We are very educated about PA, so any inaccurate information is glaringly obvious to us, but the public may take it all as fact. As Mr. T used to say "I pity the fool" who comes up to me and asks if my "drinking and doing drugs" during pregnancy caused Cayley's PA. Pity the fool! (and educate the fool, too)

Posted on: Thu, 01/11/2001 - 1:27am
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Andrea, yes I would agree that it is probably
a disservice. I didn't like that part of the
show either (drinking/drugs part). And
Cayley's Mom, unfortunately Bill's guilt
ridden mother was not assured that it was
not caused by such a thing. Her friend just
turned away with an 'oh my, you did those
things when you were pregnant?!' look. Then
after thinking about it the friend said how
she dropped her son on the patio when he was
4 months old and he got a hairline fracture.
Bill's mother laughed and thanked her for
helping her feel better!!!! And you are
exactly right----*we* all can spot the
mistakes but others won't. But, like you
said also, it is just t.v. They get lots
of stuff wrong and twisted unfortunately.
Thanks Claire for telling me that a coma
could happen. It was good that the show
showed that it was very serious. Now, if
anyone ever says to me, "Oh I saw the Freaks
& Geeks show about the peanut allergy" I can
set them straight on a few things.

Posted on: Thu, 01/11/2001 - 1:40am
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Thanks Tracy, for bringing this up. I haven't seen the episode, but it seems like you did a great job summing it up for us. I'm distressed (as everyone else seems to be) over the reference to drinking and drugs during pregnancy having anything to do with PA. Or even "proper nutrition". Where do they get this info?! It actually outrages me when I think of it. I only hope that viewers do not think that is real.

Posted on: Mon, 01/15/2001 - 12:42am
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hi Ihatepeanuts, I decided that I was going to watch a show with my daughter the other night because it was knew to us so I wanted to observe. Well I had no idea that it was Freaks and Geeks. The story was about the kids dating. I talked to her and Christopher about the episode you saw with the peanut butter allergy. When I realized they were discussing French kissing this week. I was totally in awe because I didn't really wish to discuss this with a 9 year old. I am not even pleased talking to a 14 year old about it. She of course had all kinds of questions,but all about how you can get germs from what they were talking about. They also played spin the bottle and I know for a fact everyone has played that at some point. I was going to change the channel,but i figured that all kids in her school probably watch it so I would be better off talking with her through it. I am going to try and find the network on the computer and tell them about Christopher having the allergy and ask them where they got there story from,and if it is real life here say. Does this sound rediculous or not. christopher was wondering if this has ever happened to anyone,and I hate to say no because maybe it has or could. I will let you know if I can find information on the peanut episode. Thank and have a good day claire

Posted on: Mon, 01/15/2001 - 12:54am
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Hi everyone, Guess what i did find Freaks and geeks and sent them an email. I asked them to please let us know where they got the peanut story line and any information would be greatly appreciated from the boards. They shoud answer soon. Take care claire

Posted on: Mon, 01/15/2001 - 9:27am
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In some information I have, it lists shock, coma, & death as possible anaphylactic reactions. I am sure this is possible. At least they showed how serious the reaction can be. I'm having trouble convincing some adults I talk to. People seem to equate allergy with a runny nose! Even though my relatives LOVE Joshua to no end, I had to get kind of "tough" with them when I was explaining what could happen to him! People seem to think you are joking or exagerating. Maybe some kids & adults will at least realize you CAN die from peanuts.

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