Freaked out wife of newly diagnosed husband.


I am at a total loss. My husband came home from the doctor today with a list of things that he is allergic to, and some paperwork addressing some of the more severe allergies. My husband is one of those people that does not ask for more details than he is given, and passes on even less information to me!!! I am beginning my journey into the land of peanut allergies, and find myself overwhelmed with the information that I am finding!!! I didn't even know there was a distinction between and allergy and an intolerance.

He has a follow up appointment in 2 weeks to test for more allergies. I intend to join my husband to that appointment, and get some answers from the doctor.

In the mean time, I am hoping to find some much needed answers as I read through these boards!

By doofusclo on Jan 26, 2009

Sorry you have to join us and welcome. Tests can be wrong maybe that is why your husband isn't making a big deal of it yet. Has he reacted to a food. That is the surest sign. The books suggested are generally written for parents of kids with food allergies, but you might pick up one or two to glance through at the library. I like Food Allergies for Dummies. Difference between allergy and intolerance I might not explain as well as some with allergies the body build antibodies to the allergen. The blood test measures those antibodies. (If you want to read about reactions fully I suggest the FAAN website.) With an intolerance the body doesn't have the enzymes to break down the food causing problems. If he has a food allergy I suggest multiple Epi pens. For my daughter I carry her epi pens, wipes, benedryl, and safe snacks. I would suggest signing up on the FAAN site to receive the food recalls information via e-mail. If a food allergen is not on the label FAAN lets you know. Find a good allergist. They vary in talent and bedside manner. If your says something like "I don't believe in writing scripts for epi pens because then they are not careful enough about knowing what is in their food" find someone else. As I understanding finding out as an adult is hard. One thing I would keep in mind is reactions can be different with each exposure. For many people they get worse every time an exposure occurs. Again sorry you had to join us.