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Just read this story and sickened over other parents outlook on our hope to keep our children safe in school. My PA son is only 3 years old so he is home and safe with me!(for now) [url=",2933,143260,00.html"],2933,143260,00.html[/url]

On Jan 4, 2005

I saw this on the Fox News Channel last night. My mom in Florida happened to be watching it and called to tell me to turn the TV on. It was one of those "You Decide" segments, if the school has gone too far with a student's peanut allergy. It was a bunch of baloney! Decide what? They gave no medical evidence of why that child needs to be protected. That "poor" 8 year old girl who "had" to eat her PB&J sandwich at the "Peanut Gallery" table. It was so one sided, that segment made me so angry. The parents of the "offended" child are so ignorant.

On Jan 5, 2005

At the bottom of this article is a link for comments to the editor. I encourage every single person who sees this post to send this editor a message clearly stating the importance of peanut allergy awareness.

Here is another link to the article.