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Just read this story and sickened over other parents outlook on our hope to keep our children safe in school. My PA son is only 3 years old so he is home and safe with me!(for now)

On Jan 5, 2005

At the bottom is a link to contact the editor. I encourage ALL that see this post to reply to the editor. PA awareness is critical! This editor and these people obviously do not understand the nature of this allergy.

Here is another link to the article.


On Jan 11, 2005

My reply:

As an adult who has recently been diagnosed with a severe allergy to nuts, I find this article to be an appallingly irresponsible piece of journalism. Until two months ago, I might have agreed that measures taken by Pleasant View Elementary School might seem a little extreme.

I have, however, changed my mind now that I understand the nature of a nut allergy first-hand. Even as an adult, I only need to inhale a small amount of perfume containing almond oils, wash my hands with soap containing sesame, or heat my lunch in a microwave oven that had just been used to heat food containing trace amounts of peanuts to have my lungs seize, my airways constrict and close, and potentially die.

The rates at which new nut allergies are reported in the United States are rising ever faster. Many airlines routinely accommodate passengers by providing nut-free meals, for those surrounding those with allergies, and sometimes changing the meals for the entire plane. Many manufactures now list potential allergens on their ingredient labels. There are serious reasons for this.

Responsible journalism requires full disclosure of the nature and basis of the story, and Jeff Goldblatt has shown an incredible inability to educate himself. He has submitted an inflammatory tabloid story about a child who could face serious medial problems, including the possibility of death, because a few parents a put off that their children have to sit at a designated table. This will only inflame people against those whose lives may depend on an educated public.

Shame on your editors for allowing such garbage to be published.

On Jan 11, 2005

I think the peanut gallery is a great idea. Contain the mess and have a supervised clean up, it just goes to show that even if it isn't a ban, some people will still complain. What a shame.