Found SAFE whole grain bread


In my ongoing search to find a whole grain bread which is nut-free and not-produced by manufacturers who also make nutted varieities, I finally had some luck:

Dimpflmeier, which is made in Toronto, Canada, but also sells in the United States has NO nutted varieities. I spoke to two women at the company today - Karen and Sandy -(416) 239-3031, who assured me that they use no nuts or nut oils. The company does make some cakes with nuts - but in another building - with no chance of cross-contamination. Sandy was very interested in the allergy issues, said she was going to do more research, and was happy to have me post here about the company. I believe she will also look into our website - and, perhaps, post directly about their company. They make organic breads, too, which are dairy-free as well.

I live in Illinois, and there were three Chicago-area businesses which carry the bread. My mother, who lives in the Detroit area, originally discovered this bread in her area. They will also send out a brochure with shipping and nutritional information. The bread is very fairly priced (unlike some natural foods companies, whose prices are inflated - and who make nutted varieties anyway).

I'm happy to have found something that is healthy AND safe, and sure hope that the company does not decide to add any nutted varieties to thier line!


On Mar 29, 2001

I have been looking for a safe bread also. I live in IL. Do you know the names of the stores that carry the bread, and what is the name of the bread? Thanks for sharing. Deanna

On Mar 29, 2001

Deanna - The bread is called Dimpflmeier. I have in front of me two empty packages my mother sent me - one is "100% Whole Wheat" and the other is called "Leinsamen - Roggenbrot". Apparently, they make several other varieties, as well, including an organic rye.

The locations they told me about are two area delis, I believe - Krakus, at 4772 N. Milwaukee in Chicago (312-736-3524) or Kuhn's in Deerfield (847-272-4197). Kuhn's is also located in Des PLaines. I have yet to taste the bread, but am planning on going to the Milwaukee Ave. place this weekend (I live in Evanston). Feel free to email me to share any other Chicago-area safe spots. Good luck!


On Mar 31, 2001

We are neighbors, I live in Winnetka. It will be nice to have someone in the area to compare notes. I am going to try the Deerfield store. Thanks for the info. Deanna