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Hi Guys,

I know I have been very sporadic with my postings but between work and remodeling our house in town I have zero time.

The last time I posted, I started under this new ID so that I would not be noticed by anyone in my area school wise.

I was having a hard time with DS going up to a new school, etc. Well I wanted to update everyone that it has been a battle and a half getting his 504 in place and where it wasn't a "give her a piece of paper and shut her up" situation to a real full force plan. Not only are they implementing a solid 504 plan based on his Health Care Plan that I originally developed for his entry into Kindegarten, that Health Care Plan is being used now school wide for all PA students, individualized of course to fit that childs needs.

I am so excited I can hardly stand it. All the hard work, screaming fighting and many tears I've shed for the last 4 years has finally paid off. It turns out that there are 3 other students in DS's two classes that have PA - two of which are "severe like DS" but none of the parents (except for one) had even put it on the health forms!!

I know it was worth it for just my son, but when you think about all the students that are in this school alone (6 before the others I mentioned above) two of the previous 6 had informal things done for them (lunch prepared in a different part of the lunch room for 2, 1 brings his own lunch but sits somewhere else for lunch?, but the other 3, nothing, not even med's), it really gets to you when you know it helps more than just yours.

I knew before school started that one of the PA kids were going to be in DS's class and I told them upfront that they have to realize that this child's parents may do things completely different than I do, and that just b/c this parent allows this doesn't mean that I am going to or that I am a freak...b/c it has never been a plus for me that there are other PA students, b/c I do have such a tight comfort zone...or in alot of cases, an educated zone, alot of parents are not educated with their child's allergy unfortunately.

Anyway, I just wanted to post for those that may feel they are banging their head against a brick wall...don't give up, in the end, somewhere down the road your voice will be heard and it might just help another child live another year. I don't know what I would have done without, you guys have been the backbone for this fight - and although I know there are still going to battles, atleast I know that not only am I'm being heard, they are listening and putting things into action.

I will be posting in and out and try to get DS's revised plan re-posted here shortly.

Lana [img][/img]

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On Aug 11, 2006


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On Nov 9, 2006

Just wanted to give another positive update. So far everything as I posted before has been GREAT...but I have to say this school has gone far and beyond what our 504 says. DS had his first field trip of the year a couple of weeks ago, and naturally as with all field trips, the sack lunches that the other kids take have always had PB&J sandwich, and even as far as a bag of peanuts or tree nuts for snack (yucko for elem age kids) anyway....not for his class, they now have a lunchable like lunch with crackers, cheese, grapes more peanut butter sandwiches!!!!

I came home and cried...I just couldn't believe please keep fighting for your kids, it may be life saving for another PA child behind yours. And believe me, I am not a great opposer, so if I can do it anyone can!


On Nov 9, 2006

How encouraging for others to read this. Thank you for sharing and a big congratulations on your success! You really earned this and it sounds like many will benefit because of your determination and hard work!

On Nov 10, 2006

Hi Lana!!! [img][/img]

Do you think there is a difference between having an IHP alone vs. obtaining a 504 designation and plan (that has an IHP component)?

I know you're so busy, but whatever information you can share would be beneficial to so many.

On Nov 13, 2006

Hi Gail...I do believe that the 504 is very necessary, no matter how great a plan you have, the 504 is what has the consequences and liability behind it.

The thing is, and I know it's been mentioned many many times by other posters, the schools are NOT up on the laws where 504 and food allergies are concerned. YOU have to do the research and SHOW them, keep putting it in their face, that the law says they have to provide this designation.

We didn't get the 504 designation just b/c I ended up with a great staff at this new was showing them over and over again, and in reality the 504 process was still not followed completely by law...I really don't think that schools are educated in this process, I'm not even sure that the districts are educated in it, they should be, but they aren't and that is where the root of the problem lies. Unfortunately, we have to be the educators.

I do credit the staff at the school, they have really been phenonemal as a whole. Once they understood it is so very necessary.

I know that it takes alot out of you, but it is so worth think that there are several other children at this school alone that even though they don't have the epi's at school, there are safeguards in place for them that may reduce the risk of them having contact...that in itself is so worth it, b/c there are parents (many many parents) who are 1.) uneducated about the seriousness of the allergy 2.) don't have insurance or $$ to pay for the epi and 3.) just don't care enough.

But to answer your question regarding the 504 vs the health care plan - IMHO, I would definately go w/the 504. I realize that the IHP is completely different than what I originally had (Health Care Plan), I would not go with just a HCP.

Lana [img][/img]

On Nov 13, 2006

Hi Lana -

Awesome!!! I'm so glad you posted this. I am NOW going through this or beginning the process for next school year for my PA DS who will be entering Kindergarten and have been torn on the IHP vs. the 504. You had mentioned that you would post what you developed, which I know would be a lot of work, but I would love it! Did you deal more with the adminstration in the school or personnel in the school board? And you mentioned you kept showing them information... what do you mean? What type of information did you find worked best with educating them? Any words of wisdom, I'd greatly appreciate. Thanks so much!

On Nov 15, 2006

HI 2boys2luv, I am so glad that it has encouraged you!! That is why I posted, to encourage someone.

I can scan and email my plan if you (or anyone else would like it). I don