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Posted on: Thu, 12/28/2006 - 2:37am
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You might want to contact the other groups in NY to see if they know of interested people in your area. We try to keep tabs on other groups in our state and they might be, too. If you don't have these links:
WNY Food Allergy Connection
PO Box 220; Clarence, NY 14031 e-mail: [email]allergy@adelphia.net[/email]
Brooklyn - Interacting Mothers of Allergic Children I.M.A. [url="http://simplytempting.com/about.html"]http://simplytempting.com/about.html[/url]
Rochester - FACTS [url="http://www.factsplace.com/"]http://www.factsplace.com/[/url]
Food Allergies: Coping, Educating, Supporting (FACES)
Support, education
Rose Boynton
Food Allergy Support and Education Group (FASE)
Support, education and advocacy
Port Washington, Long Island
Kelly Dennis
516- 767-2749
Food Allergy Educational Alliance (FAEA)
Support, education
New York City
Sari Canell
917- 579-6363
Parents of Asthmatic and Allergic Children (PAAC)
Support, education
New York City
Caren Sanger & Kathy Franklin
Other helpful links for starting a group are:
If possible try to find at least one other committed person to help you co-lead - it's really hard for one volunteer to keep a group up and running. We have a Yahoogroup that is super active and really glues our group together (probably more so than our meetings).
Keep us posted!
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Posted on: Thu, 12/28/2006 - 6:26am
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Thanks for everyone's replies.
I never thought of asking a hospital if I could use space. That's a great idea. My son's allergist is attached to a local hospital. Maybe I will ask him at an appt we have in January.
Also, I don't know anyone else with an allergy. That's why I'm trying to find a support group. If anyone here is from the Albany-Schenectady area and is interested in co-leading, please let me know!
Thanks again!


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