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Posted on: Fri, 08/03/2007 - 2:10am
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Found this interesting abstract. I'm not sure, maybe it should go in the off topic, but I know alot of people are dealing with tree nut allergy as well...possibly cashew. I'd not seen this type if info before...


[i][b]Cashew nut causes more severe reactions than peanut: case-matched comparison in 141 children[/b]

A. T. Clark1*1Department of Allergy, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, Cambridge*Joint first authors., K. Anagnostou2*2Department of Paediatrics, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn NHS Trust, Norfolk, UK*Joint first authors., and P. W. Ewan11Department of Allergy, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, Cambridge1Department of Allergy, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, Cambridge; 2Department of Paediatrics, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn NHS Trust, Norfolk, UK

Dr Andrew Clark
Department of Allergy
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust
Addenbrookes Hospital
Hills Road
Cambridge CB2 2QQ
*Joint first authors.


Background: Cashew nut allergy is becoming common, but the risk of severe reactions in comparison with peanut allergy is unknown.

Method: A case-matching study of children with a recent history of a reaction after definite nut ingestion, with positive skin prick test. Children whose worst ever reaction was to cashew nut (cashew group), were matched with two children each whose worst ever reaction was to peanut (peanut group) for sex, age of reaction and presentation, amount ingested, and asthma. Severity of the worst clinical reactions to date was compared.

Results: A total of 47 children in the cashew group were matched to 94 in the peanut group. There were no differences in clinical features between groups for matching criteria, except asthma (more prevalent in the peanut group). Wheezing and cardiovascular symptoms were reported more frequently during reactions in the cashew compared with the peanut group: odds ratios (OR) 8.4 (95% CI: 3.2

Posted on: Fri, 08/03/2007 - 2:26am
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My DS (age 14) has tested allergic to peanuts and cashews (negative to pecans, walnuts and almonds). He has never been exposed to cashews. Each reaction he has had to peanut has gotten progressively worse than the previous reaction.
Thank goodness I find cashews are a lot easier to avoid.
Have a blessed day,

Posted on: Fri, 08/03/2007 - 2:57am
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thanks Carson was just diagnosed(after scratch test on Tues) to cashew and pecan(negative peanut). I will read through this, I wonder if that's what got him yesterday(the reaction at Taregt)??? Thanks so much for posting [img][/img] son Jake, his worst reactions have been from peanut and pistachio have been his worst(and egg). But (looking at his caprats cashew and hazel are the next worse(upper class 3...peanut is class 4)....I don't have a pistachio reading for him.
I don't have Carson'S caprast back yet, btu I'll check the cashew numbers.
Chanda(mother of 4)
Sidney-8 1/2(beef and chocolate, grasses, molds, weeds, guinea pig, hamster & asthma)
Jake-6 1/2(peanut, all tree nuts, seasame seeds, (avoiding all seeds&coconut)eggs, trees, grasses, weeds, molds, cats, dogs, guinea pig & eczema & asthma)
Carson-4 (milk, tree nuts(avoiding peanuts and seeds)soy, egg, beef and pork, cats, dog, guinea pig, hamster, grass, mold, dust mite and EE)
Savannah-1 1/2 (milk, beef and egg, dog(avoiding peanuts, tree nuts, strawberries, sesame seeds, green beans, peas and corn)
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Posted on: Fri, 08/03/2007 - 4:09am
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Hi Everyone,
I wanted to let you know that I purchased this article.
If you would like I'd be happy to share in more detail what the study says offline.
Have a great day.
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Posted on: Fri, 08/03/2007 - 7:53am
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Hi all,
My DD is class 4 (numbers going up) to cashew. Her reaction was pretty bad and she also has asthma. I did not like what I read here. Saddens me. Although over the past few years I have read about kids having isolated cashew allergy. It's all so interesting.
I Love Warm T, I might be interested in learning about this more in the near future. I was at the university today looking up a couple of articles, but I don't believe they had the 'Allergy' journal. Hmmph. They had everything else of course!?!
Good luck to everyone dealing with this.

Posted on: Fri, 08/03/2007 - 8:46am
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Thanks for the info. My daughter is Class 5 to cashew and pistachio, Class 2 to pecan. No asthma.
Not particularly good news, but we are avoiding these nuts successfully. Knock wood it remains so.

Posted on: Fri, 08/03/2007 - 1:39pm
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Quote:Originally posted by TNAmom:
[b]Thanks for the info. My daughter is Class 5 to cashew and pistachio, Class 2 to pecan. No asthma.
Not particularly good news, but we are avoiding these nuts successfully. Knock wood it remains so.[/b]
Hi TNA Mom [img][/img]. I thought of you when I posted this. I'm glad to hear you're doing well and successfully avoiding. We're doing well too. Take care....

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