Food testing not allergy testing


I need some help with this please. I had a meal a local restaurant yesterday and felt a reaction (itchy mouth and throat) coming on immediately following finishing the first piece of food. My girlfriend saved the rest of the food, and I am interested to verify the food had peanuts in it. I contacted the restaurant, and thought they were very understanding, they stated it was impossible that any peanut ended up in the pizza. I know it did, how can I prove it to them? Please, your help is appreciated.

On Mar 5, 2001

Someone mentioned having food analyzed by the FDA a few months ago. Anyone else remember this?


On Mar 5, 2001

Here is a link to the FDA for reporting problems with food.


Also, there are phone numbers to contact the FDA for each state under this FAN link (just scroll down the page a little bit):


Good luck pursuing this.

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