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Hello My 5 yo son has PA and TN. (And EA, but we treat a little differently) We live in Canada and will be travelling to Florida next week. I have come to trust our food ingredient labels and love products which state they are peanut-nutfree such as Dare cookies and crackers and Chapman's ice cream. My question is to the American's, I am well aware you have similar labelling laws, I just want to know if there are foods I can definately trust the labels when doing my grocery shopping and any specific products which state they are peanut/nutfree? And we have "May contain traces of...." Do our products have this labelling? Secondly, any problems transporting the epipens? I have been reading your boards on drugstore labels were on the boxes which of course I longdiscarded, but have got a note from my dr. Do you think I need the Rx labels on the pens? I look forward to particpating on this board! Thanks alot

Carter 5 yo - PA, TA, EA and environmental allergies Connor 3 - To be tested this summer before JK

On Feb 18, 2007

HI, You just have to read the label here in America. We read every single one. In Florida, we have a grocery chain called Publix. I think they are the most allergy aware grocery store. They carry the Dare cookies too. As for your Epi's label, you can get reprints from your pharmacy. Just tell them that you discarded the box and they will print you as many as you need.


ps you might want to bring some warm clothes as we seem to be in a cold snap now. (rain gear too.)

On Feb 18, 2007


Originally posted by ccm'smom: [b] And we have "May contain traces of...." Do our products have this labelling? [/b]

Labeling products "may contain" or "processed in a facility" is not required by law in the US.

On Feb 19, 2007

Yes, all that is required here is that they state in plain language if the top allergens are purposely put in their products. Cross-contamination labeling is optional. Very few U.S. companies do the "peanut-free" labeling: Philly Swirl, Smarties (not the Canadian chocolates, fruit-flavored discs like SweetTarts), Clabber Girl baking powder, and I know that Dum-Dums and Safety Pops say so at least on their website. You can find Dare cookies and crackers here. Hershey's and Nestle label well, and people say that Keebler and General Mills do, too. Hostess does; you might want to contact Interstate Baking Company, which makes Hostess and Wonder, to get their peanut-free plant codes. I trust Frito-Lay. McCormick is peanut-free, although they don't say so on their packaging.