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Food Labeling Primer

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I am sure this is somewhere in one of the discussion boards but since the search function is down I must post. Can someone tell me specifically what "may contain peanuts" means? Is it made on the same line as another peanut product, the same plant as another peanut product or they just don't know. My daughter's RAST test came back in the moderate level and her first reaction was not what they consider severe. However, I don't plan on offering her any product with this labeling but I wanted to get an understanding of how risky a product with this label can be. Thanks.

On Feb 22, 2001

Your guess is as good as ours! There is no legislation to govern what it should mean. It can mean one thing to one company and something very different to another. It could mean that it is made in the same factory where peanuts are handled or it could mean that peanut products were just on the machinery where that food is being made. Companies are not even required to tell you if it may contain peanuts! That label is totally optional! It sounds absurd but it is true. That is why so many of us are calling manufacturers and referring to this board for support.