Food Labeling-made on shared equipment or may contain


Hi, I am new to this site as I have a 7 month old girls with severe peanut allergies. We have cleared our cupboards of all peanuts and tree nuts. My wife is breastfeeding, so she is being extra cautious with what she eats. I have e-mailed and called many manufacturers and read many forums on what foods are safe, but it is a little overwhelming. The most frustrating part is that not all companies label "may contain" (meaning made on shared equipment or chance of cross contamination) or "made on shared equipment". I am wondering if anyone has any input on what large reputable companies they know of for sure that do this? From what I have gathered, some that do include: -General Mills/Betty Crocker (Pilsbury? Cascadian Farms?) -Hershey's -Kellogg's -Kashi

Anyone have a different experience or know of any other reputable companies that we can start with when we first start feeding our daughter table food? I know there are brands such as Enjoy Life, but we can't realistically always get foods made in a nut-free facility. So we would like to atleast start a list of companies that atleast label for potential cross contamination.

Or anyone know of companies for sure that do not label for chances of cross contamination?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are quite overwhelmed with twin girls with peanut allergies.

Suggestions on bread or ice cream or chocolate to research?

Thanks all!

By SteverD76 on Jun 26, 2012

Good to know. With all the lawsuits out there, I am surprised that more companies don't label for cross contamination. And I've searched high and low for a comprehensive list of companies that do label for cross contamination or ones that don't, but no luck. I can't believe there is nothing out there. Allergist just tells us to go to the support groups and forums for information. I feel like we are just going to have to experiment with out little one. Not looking forward to that first trip to the ER :( Good luck! And I would add shame on the FDA for caring more about the convenience of our food manufacturers then our children.

By epd1210 on Jun 26, 2012

We just had an experience with Entenmann's Bakery (AKA Bimbo Bakery)this past week. Their Little Bites muffins make no mention of Peanuts or tree nuts. But after having a reaction, trip to ER, and five days of Steroids, they admitted the facitility they make them in is in Mexico. The facility has a remote chance of cross contamination. But, they follow the strict FDA guidelines, which state they don't have to disclose that information on their labels. Shame on Entenmann's!