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Posted on: Mon, 05/08/2006 - 12:44pm
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Thank you for replying and yes, your info has helped. I will start with the foods he is already eating. I'm nervous about other foods when he gets older - worried about cross contam and all that jazz.
I just found out today he is mildly allergic to wheat but he's had wheat flour in Gerber snacks before and been fine. My allergist wants to do a food challenge if the blood work comes back negative.
Thank you for your time!

Posted on: Wed, 05/10/2006 - 2:00am
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There is a food milll grinder out that can take the meals you are eating and just grind them up and then you can serve them, cheaper than keeping with just baby food.
My daughter can eat, deli turkey, chicken, sweet peas (they are very soft), steamed yams, carrots (I steam the carrots a little longer to make them softer), I make breads without sugar, salt and she eats those, chunks of banana, if you use canned fruit (esp for pears), use the ones with fruit juice and not syrup, and cut them up.
puffed wheat, cheerios. Crackers, (try to get with low salt or no salt). Beans are great, black beans, and the white kidney beans we have tried. Bread.
My daughter has for the most part refused baby food. I keep trying to get her to taste veggies, but I server her what we are eating, I do not hold back on spices as this is what we did with my son, and he has become picky on things with lots of spices (but not spicy), so her palate is getting used to what we eat.
Can you tell I also have a 10 month old, the suggestions arwe fresh.



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