Food Challenge Results


First of all, thank you to all of you for all the support through this process for my 14 year old son. Breif summary of his history is positive (4+) skin test and negative RAST test with mild symptoms of itchy mouth and chest tightness. Finally after 3 years pedi referred him to allergist who re-did his skin test (STILL 4+) and today we did the PEANUT food challenge. Josh did great. He had his mild itchy mouth and chest tightness BUT NO change in his breathing inhale/exhale at all on a breathing test they did both before and after consuming peanuts. The allergist examined him carefully throughout the tests. First he ate 1 peanut and was observed for 30 minutes. Then he ate 4 peanuts and was observed for 1 hour. The allergist feels that his mild symptoms are related to a cross allergy (josh is allergic to alot of things) and that he is not allergic to peanut. Thank you everyone , here for supporting us through all of this. I am so glad that I have learned so much about this allergy too because I work part -time in a preschool situation (I'm a PT) and the staff dont' seem to know alot about peanut allergy. So I have the opportunity to share the important facts with them. I know some were waiting to hear about this food challenge so wanted to let you know.

On Aug 22, 2002

Congratulations on the negative tests!! Wow---with 5 boys the last thing you need is PA. I get tired just looking at your username. Take care.

On Aug 22, 2002

Thank you---they are great but tiring! I don't know where they get all that energy. They are 14,12,9,7 and 2.

On Aug 22, 2002

That's such great news! Congratulations.

On Aug 22, 2002

I am just so happy for you!! [img][/img] These are the times I wish I knew where people lived so I could come give you a hug! Congrats! Take care and best wishes!!! kcmom

On Aug 23, 2002

Great news. Thanks for posting back! One less thing to worry about for you! becca

On Aug 27, 2002

Thank you everyone! I am so glad of all I learned here.