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First, I have to apologize because this is actually a milk allergy-related question. But, I have a peanut allergy dd and read the boards all of the time and I know there are a lot of people on here with kids who have a milk allergy so I am hoping to get some advice.

My non-PA 2 year old (as in will turn 2 on Monday) just got her CAPRAST results back. In the past year, with STRICT avoidance, she went from a 5.5 to a 1.5. The doctor wants to do a food challenge in her office. I KNOW my dd WAS allergic a year ago. We had her tested originally because she reacted to contact with yogurt and to ANY milk protein she got through my breastmilk. The doctor considered her reactions to be bad enough that we were advised to always carry an epipen. I have many concerns about the challenge, but I guess my main 2 questions are this:

If we have the food challenge and she fails, have we blown the progress that we have made by doing strict avoidance for a full year. That was hard work and I don

On Jun 2, 2005

Well, let me start by saying that I have no real ideas, just personal feelings. My son also has a dairy allergy. He had the blood test Feb. of 2004 and it came back 3.something. We are trying strict avoidance, but we make mistakes once in a while. I sure hope that when he gets tested again (Feb. of 2006) it at least goes down and not up!

That said, I would want to try a skin test before the food challenge. I have heard that blood tests can give you false results. Perhaps I'd wait another year and get another blood test to compare the results and then go from there.

I hope the best for you in whatever you decide to do. I sure would be happy if my little guy (4) could have cheese again.

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On Jun 2, 2005

My dd had a cap rast to milk at age 9 and it was 1.03. The doctor said it was too high for a challenge. As you may remember, my dd is the one who later had a reaction to the mislabeled Van De Kamps cinnamon roll which contained milk as an ingredient and was not stated. So it turns out the allergist was right; 1.03 was too high for a challenge, as clearly she is still allergic to milk. Your dd`s cap rast sounds awfully high for a milk challenge.

I definitely would not skin test, as half of them are still positive after the person has outgrown the allergy, so it doesn`t mean anything if it is positive.

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I'll try to re-raise my thread on ds' failed milk challenge for you. I would be more comfortable if your child had a negative skin test too. My ds had a positive skin test and a negative CAP RAST, but failed the challenge.

From my understanding, a negative skin test is about as accurate as you can get in terms of determining whether an allergy is outgrown. It does give false positives though.

At ds' challenge, they did check vitals before and during the challenge. I think trained professionals would be able to pick up signs of a reaction even though your child isn't verbal yet. You can always ask your allergist to explain their criteria for passing/failing a challenge too to make you more comfortable.

I've heard from multiple sources that 1 exposure doesn't change CAP RAST results or ruin chances of outgrowing the allergy. For my ds, he had 1 accidental known exposure between testing and the numbers still went down.

Depending on what next year's results show, I'm planning on doing another challenge. He would gain alot nutritionally and socially by being able to eat/drink dairy products, so I think it's worth the risk to do a challenge if the allergist thinks the test results warrant one. Peanuts, on the other hand, whole different ball game...

HTH, Meg

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On Jun 3, 2005

my dd is 2 and her cap rast on dairy is 3.5; i asked my dr. at children's memorial chicago if, next year when she was 3 and the cap rast was low enough, would she do a challenge. she is very conservation with food challenges and she said probably not at this age. her words were, as long as my dd is home with me and not in a school setting yet (where there could be a greater chance of a reaction), she would still advise strict avoidance until age 4 and then consider it. just my opinion, but i am totally comfortable with it. i, like you, have been crazily avoiding dairy (my dd carried an epi for her dairy allergy before pa was even an issue too). i don't want to take a chance and blow the progress we have made. i'd wait.

On Jun 3, 2005

oops, that should say -- my dr. is conservative about challenges. my fingers are flying too fast this a.m. [img][/img]

On Jun 4, 2005

Thank you all for your responses. We have decided to postpone the food challenge for 6 months to 1 year.